View from the cockpit of a Wavewalk S4 microskiff

This page features links to reviews of the S4 microskiff that some S4 owners have contributed.
All reviews feature the full names and states of the people who contributed them, as well as pictures that they sent us.
We are very grateful to them!

fish caught in Guam

S4 microskiff in Guam lagoon

S4 microskiff fishing for salmon and trout in the Pacific Northwest

Fishfinder and Downrigger for fishing Lake Erie ON Canada 360

S4 microskiff beached on the Gulf coast + redfish - Louisiana

S4 microskiff Indiana

S4 microskiff transported on trailer NB Canada

Green S4 microskiff beached in S Rhode Island

Easy Loading for S4 microskiff

S4 microskiff in the ocean - Guam

S4 microskiff in Guam

S4 covered with tarp

S4 microskiff anchored in the sound next to the ICW NC 360

S4 microskiff with blue catfish MD

S4 microskiff with 6 HP outboard motor, Texas

S4 microskiff transported on pickup truck bed with T extension

Green S4 microskiff rigged for fishing MA

S4 microskiff with 5 HP Mercury outboard motor

Night fishing Lake Erie

S4 microskiff rigged for fishing

Wavewalk S4 with 9.8 HP outboard motor

microskiff fishing near Boston

  • Pleased By Drew Kirkpatrick, North Carolina

Boy fishing out of S4 microskiff NC

S4 microskiff with top roof

Review of the S4 microskiff Susquehanna river PA

Review of the Wavewalk S4 from Conecticut

Review of the Wavewaalk S4 from the gulf, Louisiana

Wavewalk S4 microskiff NC

Wavewalk S4 microskiff review - Alabama

S4 microskiff, Ohio

Review of S4 skiff with two Havanese dogs on board

S4 cartop skiff outfitted with swivel seat, and a dog standing on the front deck

S4 skiff on Hudosn river with NYC skyline

Review of S4 micro skiff, ME

Two anglers fishing from a Wavewalk S4 kayak in Montana alpine lake

Fishing offshore, on board a motorized, commercial fishing Wavewalk S4 kayak

Review of S4 kayak for hunting

Review of Wavewalk S4 Louisiana

S4 kayak microskiff powered by 6HP outboard

Review of Wavewalk S4 with propane outboard motor

shark fishing in Wavewalk S4 motor kayak - ofshore Hawaii

Review of a tandem kayak, Australia

Review of a motorized kayak, Connecticut

Review of cartop boat for offshore fishing - N, California

Fisherman drags his S4 motorized kayak up the beach

Review of the S4 a battle wagon fishing kayak

motorized kayak review- Wavewalk S4, Hawaii

motorized kayak - Wavewalk S4. Ontario, Canada

Wavewalk S4 skiff with two swivel seats

Review of the Wavewalk S4 motorized fishing kayak, Hawaii

Canadian fisherman standing in his S4 motor kayak and and holding a big fish

Wavewalk S4 offshore skiff for striper fishing

Mud motor mounted on a Wavewalk S4 duck hunting kayak

boat tender - Wavewalk S4

Review of Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak Mississippi

Five passengers on board a Wavewalk S4 - the world's most stable kayak

motorized kayak Wavewalk S4 on river in Montana

kayak for spear fishing - Wavewalk S4

Driving a Wavewalk S4 microskiff in mangrove tunnels

Motorized fishing kayak Wavewalk S4

albacore fishing from a kayak - Wavewalk S4

world speed record for motorized kayaks

motorized kayak with 6 HP outboard - Wavewalk S4

pretty girl on Wavewalk S4 microskiff deck

tandem fishing from a kayak in the mangroves - Wavewalk S4

Wavewalk S4 micro skiff - Texas

tandem fishing with dog on board Wavewalk S4 kayak

Two motorized kayaks racing against each other

motorized fly fishing kayak - Wavewalk S4

Wavewalk S4 microskiff

Wavewalk S4 skiff with four passengers on board

Review of Wavewalk S4 with three fishermen fishing standing in it

motorized kayak with 8 HP outboard - Wavewalk S4

330 lbs big and heavy guy in Wavewalk S4 motor fishing kayak

motorized kayak for lobster fishing

motorized fishing kayak in SF Bay area California - Wavewalk S4

Tandem kayaking on board the Wavewalk S4

motorized fishing kayak on lake Simcoe, Ontario - Wavewalk S4 360

Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak - Texas 360

Motor kayak in big waves - Wavewalk S4

tandem fishing kayak in Hawaii - Wavewalk S4

Fisherman standing and casting a shrimping net from his Wavewalk S4 kayak