330 lbs, big and heavy guy drives and fishes sitting side-saddle in the S4

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

Another example that shows how stable and comfortable the S4 is.
This 330 lbs client enjoys driving the S4 in the regular position, then side-saddle with both feet in one of the boat’s hulls.
After that, he fishes the mangroves in this position, facing the side of the boat.

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3 thoughts on “330 lbs, big and heavy guy drives and fishes sitting side-saddle in the S4”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Impressive, and he could have easily taken a passenger with him on board.

    Looks like you guys had a good time testing motors for the S4, and fishing 🙂


  2. Yes Yoav,

    Other than this fish that got away, we ended up with a cooler full for him to take home. Now, he has a motor for his S4 to reach those fishing holes that would usually be unreachable.

    And, we are both losing weight in the process by exercising and eating healthy.

    Who would have thought that adults could have so much fun?

    Larry J.

  3. Larry,

    The ease and confidence in which he switched from driving in the riding posture to driving in the side-saddle posture show that it’s almost an intuitive thing to do, even for a heavy person.
    This is important not just because side-saddle is yet another optional position for S4 passengers to benefit from, but it can also be advantageous for starting the motor.

    It also shows that anyone can turn around on the S4 and face backward or forward without any problem. This has practical implications, since starting the motor while facing it can sometime be easier than starting it while facing forward (namely the other direction), or even sideways. And I’m talking from my own experience here 🙂


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