Touring and diving with the Wavewalk S4x3 multi boat – skiff

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

Carlene, my wife is the camera lady.
Amy, Rebecca, and Calypso are the phenomenally photogenic crew.

The S4x3 performs very well, underway and at anchor.
We swam with the regular contingent of Caribbean fish but a nurse shark and an albino manatee cruised through the snorkeling quartet of mermaids too.

And, we motored with a family of dolphins who had to check out the new gray and white critter on the surface.

It is so wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful happy women.







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7 thoughts on “Touring and diving with the Wavewalk S4x3 multi boat – skiff”

  1. 😀

    Definitely not a solo skiff! 😀

  2. And, a fine profession to pursue: Kayak Guide and Towboat Operator.

    Larry J.

  3. How cool is that!

    Tie together 3 S4’s and what do you get?

    A tour boat through the mangroves.

    This guy stole my idea, I’m settting up the W700 in the middle and two W500’s on each side.

    Doing this for a camping trip coming up.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. Rox,

    This sounds like a great idea, and in line with you being a pioneer in motorizing and in towing 🙂 –




  5. Rox et al.

    The idea for the S4x3 came from my need to accommodate a family of 6 for a guided kayak tour. Three W700’s towed by the S4 were the first option but the stern boat would have been downwind of the exhaust. Even a 4 stroke outboard pumps noxious gases.

    With the S4x3 combo, a kayak guide can take up to 6 people in two separate leased vessels and provide guide, tow, and rescue service from his or her own specially equipped S4.

    What other kayak or canoe guide service can offer fishing, snorkeling, eco-tours, or sunbathing options? How about lawn chairs to sit in? In what other kayak can you safely use 2 or 3 lawn chairs for seating?

    Only the Wavewalk S4 offers such a phenomenal opportunity for a wonderful seasonal or full time business on the water. And, there is the potential of powering all 3 vessels.

    I will be happy to discuss the options from my commercial docks in Key Largo.

    Or, we can schedule a demo.

    Larry J.

  6. Hey Larry……….I’m guessing that Yoav didn’t think about the lawn chair idea when designing the S4 saddle, but it looks like a great option, even for folks who prefer having a back rest, like some of the retirees I’ve fished with.

  7. Gary,

    We did the lawn chair thing before (see here:, and Larry and I discussed towing options, since Sungjin and Rox did it.
    But Larry’s S4x3 multi-boat is a truly innovative concept in boating, as far as I know.
    What’s great about Larry’s idea is that it works perfectly, and it adds a new dimension to kayaks and micro skiffs, as well as to guided tours and leisure boating. This true real-world usefulness is in contrast to many innovations out there, especially when it comes to kayaks and skiffs, which are two domains that are plagued with overly hyped fads.


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