First family fishing day for the Wavewalk S4: Five passengers on board

By Chris Henderson

Well it was time for the Annual Family Fishing Day. Once again we went to Lake Devereaux and the trout were plentiful and willing. However, the weather was not so nice! We had squalls blowing through all day long. At times it was brutal wet and cold, and then 15 min. later it was sunny and warm! Crazy spring weather which is typical around here but this is the first time we have had it show up on family fishing day.

Used the S4 this year and the sheer ability to fish more people made it invaluable. I was in it all day. No motorized vessels on this lake so I just paddled which was fine even though the wind made it a challenge at times.

All worth it though to watch kids catch fish.





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4 thoughts on “First family fishing day for the Wavewalk S4: Five passengers on board”

  1. Awesome! 🙂

    Thanks Chris,

    My favorite shot in your fun video is the one that shows all crew members sitting side-saddle and casting on the same side of the “boat”. None of them seems to be aware that it’s designated as a kayak… Well, why would they, really?


  2. What a great video and great fishing fun with the family.

    That S4 sure handle all of you just fine!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the video! Family Fishing Day is one of our favorite activities of the year. I typically would take one adult and 3 kids but in the picture with the three adults both mom and dad wanted to be there when their little one caught his first ever fish! The S4 was the tool for the job! Interestingly we were not “casting” but trolling. Even loaded and in the wind I was able to easily paddle and maintain a 0.8 – 1.2 mph speed that we troll at. Good times.

  4. Chris,

    Watching this video certainly makes you feel like being there and doing this 🙂


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