Fishing with my Wavewalk S4 out of Woods Hole, Cape Cod

By Mike Silva


I went fishing out of Woods Hole, Cape Cod. We had strong tidal currents today, and the sea was a bit rough with 16 mph SE wind and gusts up to 22 mph. We did pretty well though.
I’m getting a spray shield.

Wavewalk S4 mounted with a 6 HP Suzuki outboard motor. Cape Cod, November 2017. The fish on the front deck are Tautog (blackfish).


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7 thoughts on “Fishing with my Wavewalk S4 out of Woods Hole, Cape Cod”

  1. Thanks Mike,

    I agree that a spray shield could be pretty useful when you drive in the ocean with a 20 mph wind blowing in your face… After all, since we can stay dry, why shouldn’t we? 😀

    Readers should note that Mike converted a small flatbed trailer into a Wavewalk boat trailer by just adding two wooden planks on top.


  2. Congrats on a great trip.

    Do you take the wheels off once you get it to the waters edge?

    I like how you set that up, now that we get to see it in action.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  3. And, Mike can use his “boat trailer” to pull his lawn mower or haul trash. Why have a one purpose trailer taking up space in the yard.

    Those are really nice togs. Hard to hook but fine eating!

    Larry J.

  4. Rox,

    Yes, those wheels are removable. You won’t believe the stuff that Mike put on his S4 boat!


  5. Jill Toler says:

    That is a very impressive rig you have there, Mike. A lot of thought, engineering, and fabrication. Well done.

  6. Mike was here the other day, and he picked up a spray shield, mostly to provide protection for his dad who often goes fishing with him in his S4.
    Driving fast in choppy water can come at a price 😀


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