Testing my S4 in the gulf

Wavewalk S4 microskiff in south Louisiana
By Mike Blouin

South Louisiana

Mike is Wavewalk’s authorized dealer for this area

I mounted  6 hp Mercury on my S4, and I took it for a drive around Grande Isle, in the gulf. There was a 12 mph wind blowing, and the water was choppy and sometimes rough, but the S4 handled it perfectly. This boat always has enough free board, and it’s very responsive. I found that thanks to the S4’s extreme stability and generous free board, I can drive it faster in rough water than other microskiffs I’ve driven.
Launching it and taking out is so easy!
The S4 is very comfortable to drive. After several hours in it I had no back problem, knee problems, or any other problem, and this is something I can’t say about my [one person] skiff, which is painful to drive and fish from.

Wavewalk S4 with 6 HP Mercury outboard motor - south Louisiana


Wavewalk S4 microskiff transported on a trailer - south Louisiana

Update: Pictures from our family trip to Sam Rayburn reservoir, Texas –

Driving the S4 microskiff in Sam Rayburn reservoir in Texas

Wavewalk S4 microskiff beached in Rayburn reservoir, TX

S4 microskiff beached in Sam Rayburn reservoir, Texas

S4 microskiff transported under our pontoon boat
S4 microskiff transported under our pontoon boat

S4 microskiff transported on a trailer, Louisiana

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