I love it

Cartop boat - Wavewalk S4 motor kayak microskiff, SF bay, CA
By Travis Lee

N. California

This is how how I transport it right now. I love it.

boat ramp, SF bay
Where I launch



It’s been fun.
My S4 is a fully registered commercial fishing vessel now…. there are times that I like to go in my buddies bigger boat, but next year instance, I will have access to areas that no big boats go. Expenses are low… very seaworthy…
Overall…. very satisfied 
The season is getting late… I’m really am looking forward to fishing a honey hole area that is absolutely full of Halibuts next spring , but is very shallow and full of kelp so ordinary commercial boats wouldn’t consider it. Honestly this craft will hopefully break personal records.

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4 thoughts on “I love it”

  1. Thanks for the update Travis,

    I wonder how many (if any) other designated “kayaks” there are out there that are registered as commercial fishing vessels 🙂


  2. Hi Travis.
    I got the S4 two years ago I think, and I have the same Caravan minivan you have, the short one.
    Best carport is the S4 inside the Caravan, with the nose of S4 between the front seats.
    I do remove my seats from the Dodge when I go fishing.
    I just close the tailgate into the S4, no extension needed.
    I secure the tailgate with two ratchets.
    A breeze to run on highway like that.
    Lifting the S4 in top of a Caravan is not fun.
    That is my 2 cent opinion.
    Have fun and be safe.

  3. I wonder, does this make Travis’ minivan a commercial fishing vehicle? 😀

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