Short trip with my S4 skiff with the 9.8 HP outboard I put on it

S4 skiff beached with West Palm Beach hotels in the background

By Jesse Stephenson

West Palm Beach

Today is my birthday, so I took off from work and got out to play a little bit.
Of course I had to take a little detour and hang out on Little Munyon Island for just a minute!
I upgraded to a 9.8 Nissan outboard motor, and the thing does so good with it.
I stiffened my transom a little bit too.

Rugged transom motor mount with a DIY flexible rubber spray guard




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8 thoughts on “Short trip with my S4 skiff with the 9.8 HP outboard I put on it”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jesse! 🙂
    What’s a better way to celebrate than enjoying some Freedom?

    Congratulations on the 9.8 HP Nissan (Tohatsu). It looks really good, and that flexible rubber spray guard you put down there, between the hulls, looks like a very effective solution.
    I hindsight, I guess it was just a matter of time before you’d switch from a 4 HP to a 10 HP, which is more suitable for a former Navy SEAL, naturally 😀


  2. Hi Jesse,

    Looks like South Florida now has a club for USCG certified hot rod kayaks.

    Souping up an S4 is much easier than building a street rod, more affordable, and IMHO much more fun.

    The re-enforcement bracket and spray shield look great.

    Blue water off of West Palm Beach is only 1/2 mile offshore. And, dolphin season (Mahi-Mahi) is just beginning…

    Larry J.

  3. Somehow, hot rod kayaks sounds better than muscle kayaks…

  4. Yoav………looks to me that you need to set up shop in South Florida!!

  5. Absolutely, but only during the winter 😀

  6. thanks! handles real well and Candy quickly went from novice to expert zipping around me while i dove!

  7. This scene deserves a movie, IMO!

  8. Sweet ride, bet that flies with the 9.8hp.

    Happy Birthday to you, and enjoy your new S4 and 9.8hp motor.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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