First river trip in my S4

Review of Wavewalk S4, Montana

By Noah P.


I finally made it out for the maiden voyage. Floated about 5 miles with the river moving about 4.5 mph.
Once I got my body position in the boat figured out everything went really well.
The creeks are running hard from the snow melt and we had several inlets that I passed that created some rapids and back eddies. Lots of fun. I spent a lot of time standing with no issue.

The 5 hp Honda should be arriving this week and I’m excited to see how it does going up the river.




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One thought on “First river trip in my S4”

  1. Thanks Noah,

    Glad to see that your first trip was a success. It sounds like a lot of fun, and the pictures make me want to buy an airline ticket to Montana!
    The 5 Honda will make the river look smaller to you… and I’m pretty sure that after some time you’ll start looking for new challenges 🙂


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