Four boaters in one Wavewalk S4 skiff on a trip to Peanut Island

4 boaters posing with their S4 microskiff

By Jesse Stephenson

West Palm Beach, Florida

Candy and I had friends visit from North Carolina, and we took them over to Peanut Island, and hung out for the day.
What a blast!
We went all four of us in the boat. We had to go slow but it works fine. It was only about a half mile ride over.
We had probably a little over 700 lbs of payload on board.


Skiff, sun, fun…
This 100 lbs Wavewalk S4 skiff carried over 700 lbs of payload…
Wavewalk S4 skiff side by side with a conventional skiff
Shooting an aerial view of the S4 boat and its crew of four


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4 thoughts on “Four boaters in one Wavewalk S4 skiff on a trip to Peanut Island”

  1. Jesse, Candy, this is simply wonderful!

    Four adult passengers, an outboard motor, and all sorts of gear – all in a 100 lbs plastic “kayak” 😀
    What can I say? You guys rock!

    Thank you,


  2. One more, important comment –
    Jesse is a former Navy SEAL, and he can drive a boat better than most people.
    Please don’t exceed the 600 lbs and 3 adult passengers limit that Wavewalk set for the S4 carrying capacity, and 600 lbs includes motor, passengers, gear, and everything else on board.
    If you’re going in fast moving water, even 600 lbs may be too you much as far as safe handling is concerned.


  3. Wow, that S4 can really hold its weight and more.

    Please be safe, over loading any boat can turn into a disaster very quickly.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle SAFE All.

  4. I agree with Rox,

    Even loading the S4 with less than the max recommended payload could become unsafe in certain conditions, such as going at very high speed in choppy water or a fast current, or in following seas namely being pushed by big and fast waves.
    Also, remember that the more loaded the S4 (or any boat) the lower it sits in the water, and in case of big waves or whitewater, this could mean that some water might splash into the cockpit. This is to say that keeping a manual bilge pump on board is a good idea.


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