Traveling 1,800 miles with my Wavewalk S4 on a trailer

By Matt Willis



I have had little exposure yet. I have troublesome hands and the 5 hp outboard was a little wearing to manipulate (it’ll go as a kicker on another boat in the family). I’ve ordered a Honda 2.3 as I need another kicker and would like to try this on the S4. I think I’ll like it better but will use the boat differently as a result.

Not much in the way of mods, some lighting and tie downs.
The trailer bunks will have to be lowered to get this to float the kayak w/o putting the truck in the water.

This rig just traveled 1,800 miles w/o a hitch. Trailers beautifully.

This boat can be many things to many people and that’s different in a boat.

10 thoughts on “Traveling 1,800 miles with my Wavewalk S4 on a trailer”

  1. Thanks Matt,

    The boat is attached to the trailer simply and elegantly.

    No wonder you haven’t had much time to play with your S4 skiff, so far, as hurricane Michael landed almost next door to you…

    I’m sorry to hear about the problem that you’re experiencing with the 5 HP outboard. I used to have a 2 HP Honda, since then relabeled 2.3 HP, and it was a great little outboard.

    I remember your early concerns before the trip – 1,800 miles is a long way, and I’m glad to hear that it went well. However, you did have a trailer hitch! πŸ˜€


  2. Hey Matt…..I know of a fellow who uses the 2.3 Honda and loves it. As I get up there in years, I’ll probably be looking at one as well.

    I keep hoping Yoav will come up with a shorter version of the S4 (perhaps with a 5 foot long saddle instead of the current 7.5), that would be ideal for the one man kind of paddling and fishing I do, while facilitating motoring. I love my W500 model but would order a shorter, lighter version of the S4 in a heartbeat.

  3. Gary,

    Sounds like you may want to test your W700 with a motor πŸ™‚


  4. Yoav….the W700 is still too long, and doesn’t have the convenient motor transom and front platform. A shortened S4 would be perfect.

  5. Gary,

    The S4 is 38″ wide, and if we made a shorter version of it (say just 10 ft long), the new, smaller Length to Beam (L/B) ratio would make such craft slower and harder to paddle.

    As for the S4’s front deck, it’s useful for crews of two anglers, especially if both fish at the same time, but it offers little practical advantage to a solo angler.

    Making a motor mount for a 2.3 HP outboard for your W700 shouldn’t take you more than an hour.
    Mounts for such small motors are simple, and easy to make.


  6. Oh well, just a thought. After seeing your shift into the larger skiff market, and with all the research I’ve done on my kayak fishing book, I was just trying to come up with a more versatile one-man Wavewalk that could better compete with the bewildering array of new yaks on the market.

  7. Gary,

    I think that with the W500, W700 and S4 we already offer the best products in the fishing kayak, microskiff, and portable boat markets.
    There’s always room to come up with new products, but I believe we already cover a very large number of applications, and a greater performance envelope than any other small craft company our there.
    Selling more units is always possible, but since our twin-hull kayaks are expensive to manufacture, and shipping costs are much higher these days, we need to watch the bottom line, namely profit.

    We’re all waiting for the publishing of your new kayak fishing book. Here is a link to your website: , and here is a link to your review of the Wavewalk 500


  8. Gary,

    At 60 lbs., the W500 is a most portable solo yak. It is so easy to mount an electric trolling motor which actually increases stability as most of the weight of the motor is below water when in use. A U1 12 volt deep cycle battery in each hull and you will have a fine electric eco-cruiser.

  9. “electric eco-cruiser”… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. The W500, electric or gas motor is the best bet for
    the most portable for stable one person yak on the market.

    Being almost 63…., things are getting a little harder to do, but the W500
    is no problem.

    When I’ve used the W700 & (yakcart), with my motor on the Ct river, it handled like
    a Dream.
    The Fast water and that added stability made for some great runs
    up river and floats back down catching Stripers. πŸ™‚

    All in all, everyone should own a W500, they can go and fit on or inside
    any car with a hatch back(Kia Soul has had both inside) LOL

    The W700 or S4 for rivers big waters, even though, the W500 still does it all. πŸ˜€

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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