DIY cart for my Wavewalk S4

cart for S4 motor kayak microskiff

By Dave Bragg


We are 100 yards from the ocean but by road it is a block, so I need a wheel cart.
This is basically a cart design that I found on the Wavewalk site, with a few tweaks due to the weight.

I sourced the materials for about $80, over half was the no-flat tires and wheels. Stainless on the hardware except for the brass bushings and a piece of 1/4” flat bar aluminum for the kickstand.
I epoxied bushings to accept the 5/8” stainless bolts. The sides are beefed up to both hold more weight as well as to keep the wheels square. I glued and screwed the supports for more strengt.
I beefed up the ends to support the weight and pressure around the wheels. The brass bushings were epoxied into tight holes drilled into the sides.

Testing it: I pulled the S4 all loaded up for 2 blocks and it worked wonderfully. It tracked, turned and balanced great.

Now I’ll see how it works over time. Excited!

cart for S4 motor kayak microskiff - detail

cart for S4 motor kayak microskiff

My S4 boat is outfitted with a new Tohatsu 6 HP with a 9″ pitch propeller. I drive using a jointed tiller extension.
I took my S4 to the Tomoka basin for a test drive and it worked well. Then I took it out for a 20 mile ride. Got it to 12 mph after breaking in the motor. That was really fun.

Wavewalk S4 motor kayak microskiff with 6HP Tohatsu outboard

ceiling sling storage system for S4 motor kayak microskiff
Ceiling sling storage system

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