The S4 truly is a battle wagon

battle-wagon fishing kayak - Wavewalk S4

By Chris Henderson

Lake Chelan Fishing Vacation –

I have been a fishing fool getting out a lot. Last week we had our church family camp and Susan and I stayed out camping for an extra 4 days. Since it was Susan and I and the dogs, I rigged the S4 with the down riggers and we fished out of it. It truly is a battle wagon of a kayak. I would have benefited from a small motor when I had the three passengers, but we managed alright. Caught some great fish and had a great vacation.

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One thought on “The S4 truly is a battle wagon”

  1. Thank you Chris,

    What a beautiful place for a vacation, and on top of this it offers all these tasty fish!

    I really like the expression “Battle Wagon”. It’s awe inspiring, and fits the S4 so well in this context of fishing out of a stable and comfortable platform.
    But like any idiom, it’s limited, and when I drive my S4 full throttle in Narragansett bay in 3-4 ft waves, the terms that come to my mind are “dirt bike” and “autonomous skiing”…

    Anyways, I think that not outfitting the S4 with some kind of motor usually means missing something 🙂


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