Testing my S4 with a 9.9 Mercury 2-cycle outboard motor

S4 motor kayak with 10 hp outboard gas engine
By Peter Mikulak


Got to test out my new S4 at the lake with a Mercury 9.9 hp 2-cycle long shaft. Ran good. This motor weighs 78 lbs and not getting any younger, so I’m looking for a 6 hp 2 cycle as well.
I will get a tiller extension so I can drive from the middle of the boat and not the back.
This kayak paddles amazing.

One thought on “Testing my S4 with a 9.9 Mercury 2-cycle outboard motor”

  1. Thanks Peter,

    Lately I’m starting to question the benefit of using old 2-cycle outboard motors to power our kayaks and skiffs, despite the fact that these motors have a better weight to power ratio than 4-cycle motors, and they cost less than new motors. However, their old age inevitably comes with decreased performance, since optimal performance depends on all parts and systems working perfectly, and this is very hard to achieve in an old motor, since all its components are subject to wear over time.
    Luckily, 4-cycle outboard motors are getting lighter, slowly, so we, drivers of ultralight boats, have something to look forward to.


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