If I ever buy another boat it will be another S4

S4 microskiff with 5 HP Honda outboard motor -Alabama
By Noel Leynes


I bought a brand new Honda 5 hp motor and it sure is fun!
Also, the S4 paddles surprisingly well and tracks superb!

I am very happy indeed. I told my wife that I have no regrets and if I ever need another boat, I will buy one… but it’s going to be another S4! 😀
Your boat design is exactly what I envisioned. Practical and flexible. The Catamaran hull adapted to a kayak/skiff design is absolutely outstanding. I used to keep [expensive pedal driven] kayaks but that changed after I saw your S4 boat. I sold them by the way.

Now I’m planning to put up a bow trolling motor. I want the one that has a spot lock GPS.

Thank you so much!

One thought on “If I ever buy another boat it will be another S4”

  1. Thank you Noel,

    What a fine looking boat, and kind words 🙂


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