1. Boating
2. Motorizing
3. Stability
4. Choosing a Kayak
5. Fishing
6. Paddling
7. Ergonomics
8. Design
9. Outfitting

1. Boating
  1. Carrying a Motorized W720 Kayak Skiff (Video)
  2. Best Boat For Under $10,000 in 2024
  3. Driving Your S4 Microskiff
  4. Keeping Your Microskiff’s Cockpit Dry
  5. Maintenance-Free Boat
  6. Is Microskiff The Smallest of Skiffs?
  7. Microskiff Dictionary  (on
  8. Trailer-Free Boat
  9. Portable Microskiff
  10. Fishing Kayak vs Small Boat and Microskiff
  11. You can’t get seasick in an S4 microskiff
  12. Personal Watercraft (PWC) Fishing VS Wavewalk S4 Fishing
  13. Canoe, Kayak, Boat or Multihull?
  14. Microskiffs
  15. Seaworthy portable microskiff
  16. The perfect boat tender: Wavewalk S4 By Captain Larry Jarboe
  17. Boat for waterfront property
  18. Portable boats
  19. The smallest and greatest skiff
  20. Developments in Motorized Kayaks
  21. Wakes are fun!
  22. Stability: Jon Boat vs. S4 Microskiff
  23. Flats boat or bass boat, or something else?
  24. A better two-person fishing boat

2. Motorizing
  1. S4 Microskiff Powered By A 9.8 HP Tohatsu Outboard Motor
  2. Overpowering the W720 Kayak Skiff
  3. Transom Design For Powerful Outboard Motors (on
  4. How To Trim Your Microskiff For Optimal Speed
  5. 3.5 HP or 6 HP outboard motor for my S4 microskiff?
  6. What is the best outboard motor for my microskiff?
  7. Testing 15″ short (S) shaft outboard motors on Wavewalk’s S4  By Captain Larry Jarboe
  8. Motorized Kayaks
  9. Why motorize a kayak?
  10. How to measure an outboard motor’s propeller shaft length?
  11. Choosing an outboard motor for your W700 and W720 catamaran kayak skiff

3. Stability
  1. Fishing Kayak Stability
  2. Balance is Key for Kayak Stability
  3. Kayak Fishing Standing – And What If? (Stuff Happens)
  4. SOT kayak stability, or lack thereof
  5. A stable kayak for photography
  6. How effective are outriggers for your fishing kayak’s stability?

4. Choosing a Kayak
  1. W720 Owners Reviews
  2. Why motorize a kayak?
  3. SOT kayak stability, or lack thereof
  4. What’s the best fishing kayak? Why I became a Wavewalk kayak owner
  5. Are SOT Kayaks Safe For Offshore Fishing?
  6. Kayak Touring
  7. The secrets of the SOT kayak’s underside
  8. Paddle kayak vs Pedal Kayak
  9. The Barge – a new class of fishing kayak

5. Fishing
  1. NEW ARTICLE: The Microkiff That Paddles Very Well In Shallow Water
  2. How Hard Is Kayak Fishing?
  3. In the fish – Filling an electric W720 kayak with Blue Catfish  By Captain Larry Jarboe
  4. Ocean Kayak Fishing
  5. Kayak fishing with disabilities
  6. Plenty of Onboard Storage
  7. Stand Up Kayak Fishing and Paddling – For Real
  8. Kayak Fishing With Children
  9. Fishing Standing in a Kayak
  10. Fishing in Shallow Water

6. Paddling
  1. Just a nice, easy, hassle free paddling trip in the W720 kayak
  2. The Microkiff That Paddles Very Well In Shallow Water
  3. Crossing lake Tahoe in my Wavewalk 720  By Edwin Warner, California
  4. Paddling in Strong Wind
  5. Kayak Touring
  6. Paddling 340 Miles in a W500 Kayak By Clint Harlan
  7. Wavewalk kayak tracking a plus in strong tidal current By Art Myjak
  8. Paddling Over Submerged Obstacles in Shallow Water
  9. Are Sea Kayaks Seaworthy?

7. Ergonomics
  1. Ergonomics and Biomechanics in Kayaks
  2. What Is kayak Back Pain, And What Does It Mean For You?
  3. Lumbar Spine and Kayak Back Pain: Facts
  4. Range of Motion and Protection From the Fish – Kayak Comparison By Jeff McGovern
  5. Casting From A W500 vs Casting From other Fishing Kayaks By Jeff McGovern

8. Design
  1. Transom Design For Powerful Outboard Motors (on
  2. Design: Looks Matter
  3. Personal Catamaran
  4. The secrets of the SOT kayak’s underside
  6. Paddle vs. Pedal Drive in Fishing Kayaks

9. Outfitting
  1. NEW: Wheel cart for portable boat, kayak-skiff, and cartop microskiff
  2. Toggle Bolts for attaching items to your small boat and kayak
  3. Swivel seat for my S4 motorized fishing kayak By Terry Wilkison
  4. A higher saddle seat for Wavewalk kayaks and boats
  5. Watertight riveting in kayaks and boats
  6. Aluminum rivets in fishing kayaks and boats
  7. Dog on board
  8. How to Avoid and Repair Scratches in Your Kayak

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