5 HP vs. 9.8 HP outboard motor with the Wavewalk S4 kayak skiff

Two S4 microskiffs powered by different size motors

This is a movie that Captain Larry Jarboe of Wavewalk Adventures in Key Largo, FL shot while driving a Wavewalk S4 powered by a 5 HP 4-cycle Tohatsu outboard motor.
The second S4 featuring in this movie is Larry’s White Knight, the S4 workhorse that he uses daily for demos and guided fishing or diving tours, as well as a pleasure boat.
Larry outfitted the White Knight with a 9.8 HP 2-cycle Tohatsu outboard that propels it on flat water at 17 mph, which is currently the world speed record for kayaks* that Larry holds.
The guy seen in this video driving this fast boat (kayak…) is the guy who designs Wavewalk’s products, for better and for worse 😉


* Not every small vessel that’s compared to a kayak for marketing purpose is a US Coast Guard (USCG) designated kayak.
All Wavewalk’s patented catamaran kayaks and kayak-skiffs are officially designated as kayaks.





4 thoughts on “5 HP vs. 9.8 HP outboard motor with the Wavewalk S4 kayak skiff”

  1. Great video, you guys are really moving.

    That 9.8hp was running circles around you. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All!

  2. Pretty neat – looks like fun, and, also, a great way to reach fishing spots that are too far away to get to by human motor. I assume both motors are long shaft, and that short shaft motors would not be efficient?

    Someday, I may trade in my W 500 for a motorized S4, especially as my human motor wears down, but will probably transport it with a small kayak trailer, and also have a wheel system for getting it to and from my pickup, leaving the motor attached. I’m also thinking the 2.3 Honda would work for my limited distance trips, while minimizing overall weight.

    In the meantime, keep the videos coming. They’re fun to watch.

  3. Thanks Gary, it was fun beyond belief, as Jeff McGovern would say 🙂
    Yes, the motors are 20″ long (L) shaft motors. Short shaft motors don’t work well with our kayaks / boats.


  4. Thanks Rox,

    That 9.8 HP 2-stroke Tohatsu is a gem. It’s lighter than the comparable 4-stroke model, it doesn’t stink, and it starts very easily.
    But I’ve noticed a little problem with driving a motorized S4 – it’s addictive! 😀


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