Back from Florida vacation with a Wavewalk S4 on the roof rack

Wavewalk S4 kayak skiff attached on roof rack of pickup truck towing a mobile home

By David Peed


Just purchased my S4 while on vacation in Florida.

You’ll notice from my pics what looks like a Suzuki Burgman 650 motorcycle underneath the S4…actually that’s a super-secret hush-hush research project of mine for underwater power source for the S4😉

I’ll be ordering the Tohatsu 20” 6hp and a 9 pitch prop for it shortly…. also gonna experiment with a drop-in stand-up rowing rig a la Cajun jougs style

Will keep you posted!

The pics are of our traveling rig from our trip returning home.

2 thoughts on “Back from Florida vacation with a Wavewalk S4 on the roof rack”

  1. Thank you David,

    One can tell your vacation was great just by looking at these pictures! 🙂


  2. David,

    Hopefully, more people will see how sensible to take a trip to Florida to beat the chill of winter and purchase an S4 or other Wavewalk stable twin hull kayak for their stay and home waters as well.

    Looks like you have all the bases covered now: RV, truck, motorcycle, and boat.

    On the road or offshore. Who could ask for more?

    Enjoy that S4,

    Larry J.

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