Big lake, small boat, big fish

This year for me was the best fishing year in my entire life, and that is because I own the S4 coupled with the gas motor.

fisherman standing in his motor kayak and holding a big fish he caught from a motor kayak in a big lake

By Pyt Rotary

Ontario, Canada

I own a Wavewalk S4  kayak motorized with an electric Minnkota of 80Lb thrust 24V, and a Yamaha 2.5Hp 4 stroke gas outboard. I fish and have fun with it almost every week.
I use it mostly for fishing and trolling in big lakes – lake Ontario, lake Erie, Georgian Bay and lake Simcoe.
Sometimes I fish with it in rivers and swamps.

big fish caught from a motor kayak in a big lake in Canada

This year for me was the best fishing year in my entire life, and that is because I own the S4 coupled with the gas motor. I had a Honda 2.3Hp, nice and light but too weak and not great for trolling on big lakes because it has a centrifugal clutch. I sold that and I got a Honda 4Hp 4 stroke, great motor but too heavy (30+kg). Sold that one and got a Yamaha 2.5Hp / 4 stroke, great motor, has Drive and Neutral but some time I need more power. Next motor I will buy will be a Tohatsu 3.5Hp. This one should be the best option for me:
1) weight under 20kg
2) best trolling speed in idle mode on drive
3) give me more torque when I need to go 10 miles inside Ontario/Erie lake.

2018 was the year when I got my best fishing experience, lots of fish caught (salmon, walleye, pike, trout). I do fish mostly by trolling andjigging. I never got so many fish, and that is because now I can access and cover a lot more water fast and cheap.

Next year I will buy the new Tohatsu and I will experiment with a Scotty downrigger. The downrigger will even put more fish in my boat than ever.

Due the nature of S4 I can launch whenever I want.
Really funny to see boats in the morning in queue waiting in line and me just bypassing going on sandy beach  and launching. Also I have numerous places where I have access but no boats can go.
I do car port my S4 in a Dodge Caravan 2004 (the short version) by sliding the S4 inside my mini-van.

Tight lines and have a great fishing year in 2019.
All the best from Canada, Ontario.

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7 thoughts on “Big lake, small boat, big fish”

  1. Nicely done! This fish is a beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Pyt, for this great review. I’m glad this combination works for you.


  2. Pyt,

    You will be extremely happy with the Tohatsu 3.5 4 stroke outboard. It has enough power to plane out an S4 but it is light enough to portage if necessary. The 3.5 Tohatsu motor is also rebranded by Mercury and Evinrude as their new 3.5 four stroke outboards. So, any Tohatsu, Mercury, or Evinrude dealer should be able to get you the right combo.

    Always, use non-ethanol gasoline.

    In freshwater, closing down the motor is so easy. Upon reaching the dock, while in the water and running, place in neutral and shut off fuel valve. Let run till it almost shuts down. As the outboard starves for fuel, pull the choke to draw the last fuel from the float bowl. When it shuts off, you’re done till your next trip. The four strokes run for a long time after the fuel valve is shut off. Pack your gear and be patient.

    A properly maintained freshwater motor will last a lifetime.

    Larry J.

  3. Pyt, what a great day on the Big Water in your new S4.

    And now I know exactly what motor to buy for a little more power for my
    Can’t wait to see more adventures in the S4 way up north. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. Rox,

    Yep, a 3.5 HP outboard motor would be great fit for your W700.


  5. Thank you Larry for your tip on handling the gas motor.
    Really a good one, the less gas siting on line the better (long life and clean carburetor).

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Wavewalk community.

  6. Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚


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