Motorized Wavewalk S4 for lobster fishing

By Jesse Stephenson

West Palm Beach, southeastern Florida

I got my Wavewalk S4 from capt Larry and love it.
I am a former Navy SEAL and have ridden many hours in inflatable boats, so I appreciate the stability and comfort of my S4, and I volunteered to be a local demo agent for it.
I rigged my Wavewalk for lobster fishing, and I am currently rigging it for diving.



Wavewalk S4 rigged for lobster fishing, with 4 HP Yamaha outboard motor


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3 thoughts on “Motorized Wavewalk S4 for lobster fishing”

  1. Thank you Jesse,

    Cool! I like the way you’ve utilized the hole in the saddle seat to anchor the line for the lobster traps 🙂
    I’d be interested to know how this motor works for you.


  2. Gary Rankel says:

    Those are great looking crustaceans, Jesse. I’m guessing that you and Larry will be venturing out together a few times in search of more.

  3. Awesome set up on your S4.
    And congrats on a very Yummy Dinner.

    Tight lines, and MoPaddle Safe all.

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