Wavewalk 700 Solo & Tandem Catamaran Kayak

Wavewalk 700 (W700)

The most stable kayak that you can launch, drive, paddle and beach anywhere, and easily cartop by yourself

Wavewalk® 700

The W700 is a patented catamaran kayak like which the world has never seen before. Thanks to its unique, unrivaled design, the W700 delivers to you the best of both boating and paddling worlds, and more, with across the board top performance.

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Super stability, unmatched by any kayak of any size, (except the S4 microskiff)

Practically speaking, the stability of the W700 is comparable to that of a small fishing boat, such as a Jon boat, or a microskiff –

Motorizing and Driving

This YouTube video is best viewed in high-quality HD 720p on a wide screen

With a load capacity of 450 lbs, the W700 can serve as a boat tender, and for touring:

The W700 passengers ride its 7’8″ long ergonomic saddle, which is similar to the saddles of jet-skis, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobiles, and they can stand up anytime. The average US males weighs 200 lbs, and the average US female weighs 165 lbs, so with its 450 lbs total payload, the W700 has enough room and carrying capacity for a crew of two large size adult male passengers and their gear, or two adult passengers (M&F) and one child.

Summary of W700 Features, Benefits, and Pricing

  • For the new W720 kayak-skiff version of the W700, see here »
Price (factory direct order) $2,000 + shipping (see rates below)
Vessel Type kayak – canoe / with catamaran hull
Total Length 12’10”
Total Width (Beam) 31″
Total Weight Without Accessories 80 lbs
Hull Width 2 x 9″
Total Cockpit Length L = 7’6″
Total Cockpit Width W = 31″
Saddle-Seat Height 14 3/8″
MDO (Wood Composite) Saddle Bracket Installed yes, 1 unit
Molded-In Polyethylene Saddle Brackets yes, 7 units
Built-In Large-Size Saddle Flotation yes
Transom Motor Mount (TMM) no. order TMM 700 HD Motor Mount separately
Max Payload (Passengers + Gear + Motor) 450 lbs
Paddling 2 adult paddlers in full comfort + child
Fishing 2 adult anglers in full comfort + outboard motor
Motorizing bays and estuaries
Driving With Electric Trolling Motor yes, requires a motor mount
Driving With 20″ Long (L) Outboard Gas Motor yes, max 3 hp with TMM 700 HD motor mount
Driving With 15″ Short (S) Outboard Gas Motor no
  • Motor mounts are shipped non-installed. Installation is easy and takes 5 minutes.
  • For the new W720 kayak-skiff version of the W700, see here »


Wavewalk offers a 5% discount on the total order to members and veterans of U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement officers, and firefighters.

Sales Tax

Wavewalk does not collect sales tax, but you’ll be required to pay sales tax when you register your W700 motorized kayak with your local authorities.


Most states do not require issuing a title for a motorized kayak, such as the W700. You’d have to find out what the specific requirements are with your state’s authority that’s responsible for registering boats.

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The S4 is the highest standard in small craft:  A 98 lbs twin-hull super skiff that delivers full-size boat stability, speed and seaworthiness, plus great paddling capabilities and hassle-free car-top transportation. Read more »

W700 Shipping Rates

South Atlantic FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, DC, MD, DE $400
Middle Atlantic PA, NY, NJ $400
New England CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME $450
East South Central MS, AL, TN, KY $400
West South Central TX, LA, OK, AR $450
East North Central IL, IN, OH, WI, MI $450
West North Central KS, MO, NE, IA, SD, ND, MN $500
Mountain AZ, NM, NV, UT, CO, ID, WY, MT $550
Pacific WA, OR, CA $650
Montreal $550
Toronto $500
Winnipeg $550
Calgary $600
Vancouver $750

Factory pickup – Our kayaks are manufactured in Latta, South Carolina. Clients can pickup their order at the factory, and avoid paying a shipping fee. Please contact us for details.

We ship each kayak in a custom cardboard box. All our shipments are insured and include call before delivery.


Simply, send us an email to support@wavewalk.com and tell us which model, color and accessories you’re ordering, and we’ll process your order immediately, without waiting for your check to arrive and clear. By the time we receive your check, your order will be either ready for shipping or close to being completed. In your order please include your full name, the address where you want us to ship the boat, and a telephone number for the carriers to call to set the appointment for delivery.
Please make your check payable to Wavewalk, Inc.
Our address: Wavewalk, Inc., 115 Terrace Avenue, RI 02915
Call us  774 315-6009

More Factory-Direct Ordering Info »

order cancellation, product warranty, and service POLICY»

Wavewalk® KAYAKS and boats are ALSO available at our authorized local dealerships. Locate Dealers »


W700 Dimensions

Total Length: 154″  12’10” (391 cm)
Total Width: 31″ (79 cm)
Total Height: 17″
Total Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg) without accessories

Cockpit Length  91″  7’7″  (231 cm)

Hull Dimensions

Hull Width: 9″ (23 cm) x 2 hulls
Hull Height Below The Saddle: 9″ (23 cm)
Hull Tip Length From Cockpit To End: 30″   2’6″ (76 cm)

Saddle-Seat Dimensions

Total Saddle Height: 14.375″ up from the bottom of the hulls (38 cm)
Total Saddle Length: 90″ (228 cm)
Total Saddle Volume: 24 gallons (3 cubic ft / 90 liters) for the closed-wall part
Total Positive Buoyancy: (Net Flotation Capacity) 180 lbs (81 kg)

W700 Carrying Capacity (Payload) and Draft

The average US adult male weighs 200 lbs, and the average US adult female weighs 165 lbs. With a maximal recommended payload of 450 lbs, a W700 tandem kayak can carry two average size guys and their fishing gear, plus a small motor.

  • Max Recommended Load: 450 lbs (205 kg)
  • Draft: 7″ at 450 lbs load (18 cm at 205 kg load)
  • Draft: 2.5″ at 200 lbs load

The W700 offers its crew to paddle easily, effectively and comfortably in water that’s too shallow for an outboard motor’s propeller to work in. Poling over long distances is not an option for most people, which is why the W700’s full paddling alternative to motorizing makes it the most practical boat for fishing in shallow water, as well as in places where aquatic vegetation and underwater structures limit the use of a motor. The full-fledged paddling option also makes it possible to launch and beach the W700 practically anywhere.

W700 Internal Storage

Total internal volume for storage and passengers is extremely large: 20.5 cubic ft (153 gallons, 580 liters). This volume does not include the space inside of the watertight Saddle, which should not be used for storage, since it is designated to serve as flotation. Practically, the W700 offers as much on-board storage space as a medium size Jon boat does. Read more about the W700 on-board storage »

W700 Flotation

The W700 saddle is a large-volume watertight compartment that provides 180 lbs (81 kg) of positive buoyancy, which works as flotation in case of capsize.

W700 Speed

Paddling mode: The W700 is considerably faster when powered by a tandem crew or a strong paddler, and it’s pretty fast for an average solo paddler.
Motorized: With a 3 HP outboard motor, the W700 can rarely exceed 10 mph.
Note: Currently, no manufacturer of outboard gas motors offers a 4-cycle 3 HP  model, and the closest are 2.5 HP outboards. As for various electric motors that are presented as being equivalent in power to 3 HP gas outboard motors, they are not, to the best of our understanding. See the “Thrust, Horsepower (HP) and Kilowatts (KW)” section in this article on motorized kayaks »

W700 Construction – How It’s Built

This product is assembled from two parts molded separately –

  1. The Saddle, which is closed from all directions and watertight. These attributes makes it effective as flotation for the boat.
  2. The Twinhull, which includes the two hulls, the Spray Deflector that goes around the cockpit, and a base for the Saddle part that’s dubbed the Central Platform.

The Twinhull is protected by seven molded-in plastic brackets integrated with the Saddle, plus one MDO (wood and polymer resin composite) heavy duty bracket installed behind the saddle, in a special compartment. This 3D animation video shows how the W700’s Twinhull and Saddle parts are assembled:

The saddle part is watertight, and serves as flotation. It features seven integrated (molded-in) plastic brackets (see above video) which keep the boat rigid.

Heavy Duty (HD) wooden saddle bracket at the saddle’s rear

W700 MDO saddle bracket 1024
Click image to enlarge

The above video doesn’t show the MDO (composite of wood and polymer resin) bracket installed behind the saddle, in a special compartment.
This additional bracket reinforces the boat’s structure in the area where the load created by the combined weight of a heavy passenger and a heavy outboard motor requires it.

W700 Materials:

Recyclable kayakHull: Rotationally Molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Saddle: Rotationally Molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Heavy Duty (HD) Saddle Bracket: Medium Density Overlay (MDO).

Thanks to the extra durability and resilience of Polyethylene, it is the polymer resin of choice for molding nearly all modern kayaks.

Our boats are made from 100% recyclable materials

W700 Country of Origin:

US flag 46Our kayaks, boats, paddles and accessories are 100% Made in USA

W700 Color for 2022: Gator Green

Wavewalk® 700 Accessories

We do not ship Wavewalk® accessories separately from Wavewalk® kayaks and boats.

TMM 700 HD Heavy Duty Transom Motor Mount »  Price: $190

Paddling Kit for Kayaking and Canoeing »  Price: $110

This kit includes a 9 ft long, 2-piece dual blade (‘Kayak’) paddle and a pair of T-grip handles. The two halves of the XL paddle can be instantly outfitted with handles, and transformed into 2 canoe paddles.

Wavewalk® Paddles »
  • Wavewalk® PSP R  (9′ long)    Price: $190
  • Wavewalk® PSP L  (9’8″ long)    Price: $230
Common kayak paddles are shorter than the paddle we offer, and they won’t suit adults paddling our kayaks and boats. Other long paddles might be too ‘soft’ (flexible: slow, and waste your energy ), and/or not sturdy enough.
Our composite paddles are extra rigid and durable, so that you can use them for launching and beaching in difficult spots, for stand up paddling, and even for poling in shallow water.
We do not ship Wavewalk® paddles separately from Wavewalk® kayaks and boats.

W700 Transportation and Carrying

Car topping a W700 is easy and quick, even for one person –

Carrying a W700 can be as easy as dragging it on the ground:

Note: We ship the W700 without Nylon eyelets (tie-downs), flotation tubes,  and spray shield seen in this video. The motor mount is optional.

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Wavewalk 700 – Users and Applications

  • Big guys. These users can enjoy extreme stability, a roomy cockpit, and a high saddle seat that’s considerably more comfortable and ergonomic than any other kayak seat.  Read a big guy’s review »
  • Tandem paddlers. Typically, two paddlers looking to paddle together in a stable, comfortable, dry, and easy to paddle craft that they could car-top without problems. The W700 is a better solution compared to both canoes and regular tandem kayaks. With two average size (200 lbs) male paddlers on board, the W700 can take some gear on board as well, or a small child or two, or a dog.
  • Tandem anglers. Typically, two big guys who fish out of a microskiff, motorized dinghy, Jon boat, large-size canoe, and other, heavier craft that require a trailer for transportation. Recommended models: W700 or S4, depending on propulsion (paddle or motor), and type of water (e.g. flat water, bays, offshore). The W700 is a perfect tandem fishing kayak that works well with a small outboard motor, while the S4 is more of a high-performance motorboat that works well as a tandem kayak.
  • Hunters. There is enough room on board a W700 for a large size hunter, plus plenty of hunting gear including dozens of decoys (see storage video), a motor, and a dog or two.
  • Tandem hunters. Typically, duck hunters and other waterfowl hunters, and their gear. Recommended models: W700, S4. The W700 works perfectly for paddling, and the S4 works perfectly for motorizing, including with a surface drive (mud motor).
  • Families. The W700 is suitable for an average couple paddling together with two young children, and it can be outfitted with an outboard gas motor up the 3 HP.
  • Boaters. The 700 works well as a tender (service boat) for a big boat or a yacht. The S4 works better thanks to its bigger carrying capacity and seaworthiness, and the fact that you can tow it behind the boat, which is not recommended for the W700.
  • Kayak anglers. The W700 is lighter and much more stable than any high-end SOT or sit-in fishing kayak out there. The S4 has a big load capacity, and it’s more seaworthy. Watch movies »
  • Flats fishermen. Typically, these anglers fish out of a Jon boat, a microskiff or a skiff, which is a name given to a broad range of small, shallow-draft, stable motorboats that are too heavy to car-top, and can’t be paddled effectively. The W700 is easy to car top even for one person, and unrivaled as a mobile and stable paddle craft.  More microskiff info »
  • Offshore fishermen. The S4 is more seaworthy than the W700.
  • Offshore technical crews. People working on offshore scientific, engineering and maintenance projects that typically involve the use of Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) or RIB (Rigid-Inflatable Boat).  Recommended model: S4.
  • Catamaran-dinghy sailors. For a 1-2 crew. Recommended model: S4.
  • Speed, fun, and adventure seekers. For a 1-2 crew. Recommended model: Motorized S4.

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W700 or S4?

  • W700 advantages over the S4:  Solo kayaking, solo canoeing, tandem kayaking, tandem canoeing, portability.
  • S4 advantages over the W700: Motorizing, tandem motorizing, tandem fishing, stability, offshore trips, load capacity (big guys, additional passengers, heavy gear).
  • Shallow water – The S4 drafts less than the W700, and it features a skiff stand up casting platform, but the W700 paddles better.
  • Offshore –  The S4 is more seaworthy than the W700.

order cancellation, product warranty, and service POLICY»

Do you feel unsure? Please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re always happy to answer questions about our products and the best ways to use them, and offer more details about performance, outfitting, etc.

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