Children fishing from a Wavewalk S4 kayak

Best Kayaks For Children

Kayaks should offer high performance not just as fishing and paddling platforms for adults. Children too like to have fun fishing, paddling and motorizng with adults or by themselves, and Wavewalk kayaks offer both them and their parents more ways to have fun while being safer and more comfortable.

family fishing out of a Wavewalk S4 kayak
Kids fishing standing out of a Wavewalk S4 kayak

Although children are smaller than adults and therefore less prone to destabilizing their kayak, they are also more careless and forgetful, and tend to get overexcited and sometime even panic.  This is why in order to be considered fit for children, a fishing kayak needs to be very stable to begin with, and Wavewalk’s kayaks are unrivaled when it comes to stability. The S4 is the world’s most stable kayak, and the W700 is the world’s second most stable kayak.

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Children should feel comfortable sitting and standing in a kayak, and you can be sure that even very young children feel perfectly at ease doing both in our Wavewalk kayaks.

kids fishing out of a Wavewalk S4 stable catamaran kayak
5 passengers in a Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak: 2 adults and 3 children
Ease of Use

Children are usually less skilled than adults when it comes to paddling, and it is important that a fishing kayak be easy for children to launch and beach without an adult’s help. It should also be easy for children to track as well as turn their kayak without having to use a rudder.  Here  too, Wavewalk fishing kayaks are easier to use and handle than any other type of kayak or canoe.

Adults and kids on board a Wavewalk S4 kayak
5 passengers on board an S4 kayak: 3 adults and 2 kids
family in W700 kayak
Two parents and toddler on board a W700 kayak
W700 kayak with adult and kid on board
2 adult anglers and a toddler on board a Wavewalk 700 fishing kayak

Fun means different things for different people in different times –
It means you may want to play with your fishing kayak in the surf or let your kids or grand kids do it by themselves – solo or in tandem, paddling or driving.  Here too, you will find that our kayaks offer you and the children you care about more than you’d ever expected.

Fishing kayak with 5 anglers on board - Wavewalk S4
5 anglers on board a Wavewalk S4 kayak: 2 adults and 3 excited kids
Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak with 5 passengers on board
Fishing expedition of 5 on board a Wavewalk S4 kayak: 1 adult and 4 children
mother and daughter in motorized W700 kayak
Mom and daughter on board a motorized Wavewalk 700 kayak

Children like to paddle with adults but they also love to paddle by themselves if they feel confident enough in their kayak.

Mom and 2 little kids in W700 fishing kayak
Mom and 2 young girls fishing from a W700 kayak
Grandpa and 2 grandchildren on board a Wavewalk 700 kayak
Two kids showing the fish they caught on board the kayak

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