The Stablest Kayaks and Microskiffs

Wavewalk’s patented catamaran S4 cartop microskiff and W720 kayak-skiff are unrivaled in the stability, comfort, seaworthiness, performance, versatility and value they provide:

1. S4 Microskiff

Portable, Seaworthy and Versatile Car-Topper Boat
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Extreme versatility and high performance
S4 Key Features & Benefits
  • Vessel Type: Patented, Multihull Boat (Catamaran) delivers utmost stability
  • L = 13 ft, W = 38″, H = 17″. Weight = 100 lbs (net).
  • Portable car-topper boat.
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) saddle seat for best balance and no back pain.
  • Payload: Up to 600 lbs. Capacity: Up to 3 full-size adult passengers plus gear.
  • Rated for a 6 HP outboard gas motor.
  • Very shallow draft.
  • Most seaworthy in rough water.
  • Internal, built-in flotation.
  • Fish, paddle, and drive standing, and push-pole too, if you want.
  • Skiff’s front deck for stand up fishing. Fishing standing for all crew, up to three anglers.
  • Stabler than any kayak. Stabler than bigger boats, skiffs, and Jon boats.
  • One person can car-top.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Spacious and comfortable cockpit with high free board to keep you and your gear dry.
  • 260 gallons (34.7 cubic feet) of onboard storage space, comparable to a 16 ft Jon boat or skiff
  • Roto-molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) hull, for resilience and durability.
  • Colors (2024): White, Gator Green (Khaki)
  • The S4 comes with a mounting plate for an outboard motor up to 6 HP
  • Price: $2,000 + shipping. Includes: mounting plate for 6 HP motor and paddling kit
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2. W720 Kayak Skiff

Super Stable Catamaran Kayak

W720 Kayak Skiff Animation 2023

W720 Key Features & Benefits
  • L = 12’10”, W = 31″, H = 17″, Weight = 85 lbs total.
  • Patented twin-hull (catamaran) offers utmost stability for its size.
  • Personal watercraft (PWC) saddle seat for optimal balancing capability, true comfort, and zero back pain.
  • Payload: Up to 400 lbs.
  • Rated for outboard motors up to 3 HP.
  • Internal, built-in flotation.
  • Paddle seated and standing, and push-pole if you want.
  • Stabler than any other kayak. Less stable than the S4.
  • Two anglers can fish standing or sitting in it.
  • Shallow draft.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Portable and easy for one person to cartop.
  • Dry, spacious and comfortable cockpit.
  • Very large onboard storage, suitable for long touring, camping and hunting expeditions.
  • Roto-molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) built, for resilience and durability.
  • Color (2024): Gator Green, White
  • Price: $1,800 + shipping. The W720 comes with a mounting plate for a 3 HP motor.
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Unrivaled Stability and Comfort, No Back Pain or Leg Numbness

Enjoy the natural, ergonomic and super-stable Riding Position. Wavewalk microskiffs and kayaks feature a saddle seat that’s similar to the saddle of a personal watercraft (PWC) a.k.a. jet ski. When your legs straddle the high saddle seat, they support your balancing, control, paddling and fishing efforts, and you can switch anytime between several natural ergonomic positions.

Roomiest for Passengers, and Largest Onboard Storage

Wavewalk’s kayaks and cartop microskiffs are the world’s roomiest, and offer unmatched onboard storage

large onboard storage in S4 microskiff cockpit
The S4 cockpit’s is 7’11” long (95″), offering enough room for three adult passengers and their gear. Additional storage is available below the casting deck at the bow, and in the rear hull tips. Click image to enlarge.
4 boaters posing with their S4 microskiff
4 boaters with their S4 microskiff

Wavewalk’s unique high saddle seat provides comfort for everyone, including toddlers, adults, big and heavy people, people with back problems and disabilities, and elderly people. Anyone can stand up in full confidence in a Wavewalk.

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Customer Reviews

Interested to read client testimonials about our Wavewalk® kayaks, micro skiffs and cartop boats?
Our website offers hundreds of full-featured customer reviews that include the author’s full name and state, and pictures they contributed. Some reviews even have videos in them.


More About Our Kayaks and Boats
  1. The world’s most stable fishing kayaks and cartop microskiffs
  2. Totally back pain free, offering you the riding position and various additional positions, so you can avoid leg and back pain and fatigue.
  3. Easiest to paddle, offering best tracking in strong wind, and require no rudder, ever.
  4. The only kayaks and cartop microskiffs that offer real-world, true stand-up paddling and fishing in safety and confidence, plus a high saddle to help you regain your balance in case you lose balance.
  5. You can easily launch, paddle, fish and beach anywhere.
  6. The roomiest kayaks and microkiffs, offering many times more storage space than any other kayak or small skiff, and room for a second and even third adult passenger on board, or several children.
  7. The driest and most versatile, for any weather and water condition, including cold water, shallow water, and offshore in the chop.
  8. The most effective and easiest kayaks to motorize, and the only ones that work as true personal, portable, cartop, high-performance and seaworthy microskiffs.



Just email us to or call: 774 315-6009
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We’ll reply immediately, and we’ll send your order to production as soon as all the details are clear.

We ship every boat in a custom heavy duty cardboard box, and the carrier will call you to set the date and time for the delivery. Our boats are made in Latta SC, and if you can pick up your order at the factory, you’d save the shipping cost.


We accept all types of checks, including personal checks.
Please make your check payable to Wavewalk Inc and mail it to our address –

Wavewalk Inc
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Regular mail is fine, and there is no need to send us your check by special delivery.

We also accept direct payment (ACH). If this is the method of payment that you prefer, please let us know, and we’ll email you the info that you’d need to perform this transaction.

For more details on our boats and shipping rates –

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