More rigging and fishing offshore with my Wavewalk S4 kayak

night fishing with motor kayak - two stripers in the hulls

By Mike Silva


I sold my 15 HP 4-cycle outboard and got a 9.9 HP modified instead. The old motor weighed 135 lbs, and it was too heavy. The new one weighs 108 lbs, and I outfitted it with a hydrofoil.

My friend tells me “You have a nice 24 ft boat, so why do you fish from that kayak?”… I like fishing with the S4 because it puts me on the fish – My big boat drifts too much with the wind because it has a big high deck, and it drifts too much with the current because it drafts 3 ft. No such problems with the S4, and since it drafts so little I can get much closer to shore without fear of hitting rocks.

The other day I was going with it through the Cape Cod canal, which can be a nasty place because of the currents there, especially when there’s a strong wind blowing. The water was rough, and you could see that even big boats had problems, but not the S4. We made it without any problem.

My dad and I caught many stripers out of my S4 this year, in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. I heard the tuna were biting now, so I think I’ll try going after them.

My next project will be adding a large size spray shield so we can go faster in big waves.


two stripers caught offshore in a Wavewalk S4 motor fishing kayak
couple stripers caught in one of our offshore fishing trips
Aluminum trailer for the Wavewalk S4 motor kayak
Built an aluminum tilt trailer for my S4


Wavewalk S4 motor fishing kayak transported on a trailer
My S4 on its tilt trailer. It’s very easy to launch, just slides down into the water


Another striper on board


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5 thoughts on “More rigging and fishing offshore with my Wavewalk S4 kayak”

  1. 9.9 HP modified? Hmmm…

    Carb upgrade to 15 HP?

    Just asking.

    Larry J.

  2. Congrats on a great season in your S4.

    9.9hp…you must fly!

    Nothing like Stripers in the river, congrats to you and your Dad
    on a great day!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. “9.9hp…you must fly!” –
    Flying fishing kayak 😀

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