Next step is adding a motor

Wavewalk S4 with 3 passengers on board
By Bret Freak

Canberra, Australia

I’m happy with the performance of my S4. It’s the stability and the fact 3 of us can go out together that I’m most happy with. I installed two boat seats that my father made, for extra comfort. Pretty simple, they jam into the holes in the saddle.
I’m planning to outfit the boat with an outboard motor.

Wavewalk S4 with 2 DIY seats

Seat for the S4

One thought on “Next step is adding a motor”

  1. Thank you Bret,

    Perfect! 🙂
    Considering you have some good size lakes nearby, and you’re just one hour drive from the coast, it would make sense to take your S4 to the next level and motorize it.


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