First outing in our Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak

By Severo Pasion



I didn’t register my S4 as a motor kayak yet. I’ll probably get it done within the next two weeks.

Here’s a pic of our first outing!!
Took a lot of getting used to the tandem paddling, but we managed to get to our destination 🙂

Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak on the beach, Hawaii

One thought on “First outing in our Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak”

  1. Thank you Sev,

    Magnificent picture!

    Paddling a kayak in tandem doesn’t come naturally – It’s a learned skill that requires a bit of patience, and some practicing. Just imagine what it would have felt like if you weren’t paddling this totally stable kayak 😮
    Next time will be easier, and by the time your tandem paddling style is perfected, you’ll have your outboard motor 😀


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