Wavewalk S4 for spearfishing – enhanced

We went out on the jetty for a bit and I shot a couple nice snapper. Candy cooked up the fillets.

I made this spray shield from Lexan. Before I bend it around I wanted to see how it does out wide like this.

I also finished my two tank holder for scuba diving. It just slipped right in. I painted plastic dip on top and on the bottom to keep it from sliding around, and cut a groove for the saddle bracket. It fits right in.

We tested the spray shield today.

Candy: -“I’m near the front and this is my current view. Jesse did an amazing job on the spray shield. Pretty much dry!” –


I ended up bending it around, and it works really good –

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2 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4 for spearfishing – enhanced”

  1. Thank you Jesse and Candy,

    “Living the dream” 🙂

    Your S4 outfitted with a heavy duty spray shield looks like it’s ready for some serious adventures!


  2. Nice!! 🙂

    Great set up on the S4 with diving tanks and a windshield to help keep the spray off.

    Fresh fish for dinner, it doesn’t get much better then that!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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