S4 for wild hog hunting – first tests

S4 hunting kayak with dog on board

By Austin Rykbost

South Carolina

I hunt feral hogs (wild pigs) in wetlands around the state, and I got an S4 to serve me in my hunting trips, and other outdoor activities. I wanted a lightweight motorboat that could carry my three dogs on board, but I also wanted to be able to paddle it.
I picked up my new S4 at the factory.
Took it out S4 out yesterday evening and the afternoon before, it did great!
I am currently figuring out the front platform for my hunting dogs. I’ve decided the size I made is right, now just working on shimming it on the bottom so it has plenty of contact points and is solid Lol. One of my dogs was the test subject!
I went out with my cousin yesterday who weighs 260lbs at 6’7 and I was paddling the two of us easily without him helping. I do think the two flat hulls allow it to move easier than a traditional kayak or boat.
Lots of plans for it, since I plan to spend 95% of my time with a full hunting load of about 600lbs total. I have a friend that has a 9.9 and a 15hp outboard he said I can try out. I will just have to check the shaft length. And I will build an aluminum reinforced transom mount for it I did see that it has to be a 20″.
The water I’ll be in has stumps and cypress knees in the shallow areas so if the motor hits one it will kick up and drop back down.
Due to the extra force that would put on the transom I have an idea based on a W500 I saw with diamond plate on top the rear hulls. The way I plan to set it up, the weight in the front should counter balance the weight of the heavier motor and the extra torque and speed will allow me to maneuver through swift water with a full load.
I plan to hunt spots that are a 45 minute ride, and I’m hoping to achieve high teens or around 20mph to get there in an efficient amount of time.
After reading on the website about the guy that had to stop at 20mph due to the kayak being too light, I think I will be in better shape since I’ll have a full load to weigh it down.

S4 hunting kayak Jon-boat in SC

S4 hunting kayak Jon-boat in SC

S4 hunting kayak Jon-boat SC


One thought on “S4 for wild hog hunting – first tests”

  1. Thanks Austin,

    What a fine looking boat you got, and the pictures are great!

    You must be in top shape if you had no problem paddling alone with a 260 lbs passeneger on board.
    Last time I tried paddling with a 130 lbs idle passenger on board, I gave up after 20 minutes 😀
    Tandem paddling is a lot easier, and driving even more…

    Please keep us updated,


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