My Wavewalk S4

Three anglers fishing standing in a Wavewalk S4 the world's most stable kayak

By Mike Silva



I’ve had many fishing boats, including a center console catamaran, a 17 ft [pedal drive fishing kayak], and even a W300. I still use my center console boat, but I fish mainly out of my S4 now. The 17 ft [pedal kayak] was stable but just too big and heavy, and I could hardly move it on land and in the water, even with my father helping me. The W300 was too small and it didn’t work for me.
I wanted to see the S4 before buying, but once I saw it I knew that was it.
I love my S4! This boat is so stable that I stood in one of its hulls as soon as I put in in the water for the first time, like you [Yoav] did in that video. This is not a kayak, it’s a boat.

I used it once with a 2 HP motor together with a fishing buddy, but it was under powered, so I bought a 6 HP Suzuki long shaft, and it’s perfect. It goes fast!

I took two of my friends in the boat, with the new motor, and we went fishing in a pond. Each one of us weighs about two hundred pounds. Two of us stood in the boat and fished, and the third guy stood on the front deck. I told him to get down from there, because I was afraid he’d capsize the boat, but he said that he feels okay, and he stayed there. We ended up standing, all three if us, and fishing. I couldn’t believe it. This boat is unbelievable.

I’m planning to take it to North Carolina, and fish the shallow water next to the intercoastal. It will work better there than my big boat.
I’m working on a cart for it.

three anglers fishing standing in the most stable fishing kayak, the Wavewalk S4









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7 thoughts on “My Wavewalk S4”

  1. Thank you Mike,

    I must admit that when you told me about you and your two friends standing and fishing in your S4 with this 60 lbs motor mounted at the rear, I could hardly believe it. In my mind, this boat was suitable for two big anglers at the most, or three regular size size paddlers, but three guys fishing out of it seemed excessive to me, and it didn’t even cross my mind that three guys could fish standing in it.


    You and your friends redefined the performance envelope of this boat. This is amazing!


  2. What other kayak, canoe, or other portable boat is capable of such stability and performance?

    The Wavewalk S4 is definitely in a class by itself.

    The Intracoastal will be a great proving ground. Try trolling from your S4 along the edges of the channel.


    Larry J.

  3. Pretty incredible, Mike. Can’t believe how high in the water the S4 was with you 3 guys in it. I just hope you all don’t hook big fish at the same time – could get messy!

  4. Gary,

    Mike and I calculated that the total weight of this crew was over 600 lbs, and the motor is about 60 lbs. In total, it’s pretty much the limit that we recommend for maximum load.
    The incredible thing here is that they’re standing and feeling stable and comfy, and that they have enough room to work their fishing gear. Mike even caught a fish…
    This was a revelation to me.


  5. Jill Toler says:

    Mike, you are about to cost me some more money! Absolute game changer with your setup and usage. I live in eastern North Carolina and would love to put my eyes on your boat when you bring it down.

  6. Wow!
    Three guys in a the S4 plus motor and gear, impressive indeed.

    Congrats on a great day of fishing.

    Can’t wait to see it in action with the trolling motor. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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