Driving the Wavewalk S4 with a Twister mud motor

Mud motor mounted on a Wavewalk S4 duck hunting kayak

By Chris Henderson


The S4 with the 6.5 hp Twister mud motor performed well towing the W700 back, but it still needs a bit more work to maximize its performance. You can see how a W700 and the S4 combo gives you a lot of versatility.

The wheel cart I made needs more work too.


One thought on “Driving the Wavewalk S4 with a Twister mud motor”

  1. Awesome! 😀

    Thanks Chris.

    I like the music too…

    Creating an all-terrain / all-water boat isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of R&D.
    I’ve encountered wheel problems too – It’s not easy to move a boat over soft terrain.
    But in your case, if the terrain gets too soft, as in “Mud”, you just switch from dragging to driving, and that’s where mud motors shine.
    In any case, it looks like the problem of carrying the wheels on board is pretty much solved.

    I believe your next challenge is not necessarily fixing bugs in your motorized boat setup, but rather finding places where it would work well for you, and where neither regular motorboats nor common kayaks do. In other words, doing more long range exploration, and testing this mud motor in various types of mud and water conditions.
    In this sense, using the motorized S4 to tow a second kayak loaded with crew and gear is simply perfect.

    My 2 cents…


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