Decimating blue catfish with my S4

S4 microskiff with blue catfish MD
By Captain Larry Jarboe

Wavewalk Adventures, Key Largo

Another short visit to the Mallows Bay National Park on the Potomac River.
Launched the S4 at 10:30 AM and was back on the trailer and headed home before 1 PM.
So, this is what an hour’s worth of fishing looks like when you follow the tide.

And, have a vessel to get you far enough out to the river channel where the Blue Cats are getting fat for the winter.

These fish are delicious and considered an invasive species by the Md. Dept. of Natural Resources. They want fishermen to catch and kill them all.
Been doing my part…

blue catfish caught in the S4 microskiff

(Continued): The next day…

What other kayak or micro-skiff can carry countless catfish for live delivery? The catfish carrying capacity of this boat is unbelievable.

S4 microskiff loaded with blue catfish

Had another nice day at Mallows Bay but I think I will target some other species.

Starting to smell like catfish bait…



5 thoughts on “Decimating blue catfish with my S4”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    These fish looks tasty, and I think I’m going to cook fish for dinner 😀


  2. Just finished my dinner of chunked grilled Blue Cat fillets, blended w/ potatoes and mixed vegetables and stirred into clam chowder.

    Really overcomes the lack of clams in clam chowder.

    Catfish stew.

  3. Next time you visit us here I’ll grill some oysters and quahogs from our beach.
    Shellfish used to be a big business in Narragansett bay, and it’s still thriving in a couple of places.

  4. Plan on next fall for a shellfish feast. Has to do with the months that have an “r” in their name.

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