On board my S4 offshore commercial fishing motor kayak

S4 offshore fishing motor kayak

By Travis Lee

N. California

I’m a commercial fishing kayak, and I fish the ocean off the coast. I rigged my S4 with a motor and a big cooler, and it works for me. Over all very happy. I landed 7 halibut in 2 hours today. I transport my S4 on top of my minivan. All in all, bang for the buck “I am STOKED”.

On board my Wavewalk S4 commercial fishing kayak


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3 thoughts on “On board my S4 offshore commercial fishing motor kayak”

  1. Thank you Travis,

    7 halibut is just two hours sounds like a viable commercial operation!
    It sounds like a lot of fun too 😀


  2. Halibut is my #1 favorite fish to eat!

    It is so good to see a commercial fisherman who can generate income with hook and line in a motorized kayak.

    Maybe, a reality series should be in the works…

    Larry J.

  3. Where do you put in, Travis? I lived in Arcata for several years.

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