Our Wavewalk S4

Review of Wavewalk S4 from Indiana

By Glenn Smith



We had the S4 out on the water and used the paddles. We were well pleased with everything.

We could not use the outboard because of restrictions on that lake. We will go to a lake that allows outboards, It will be the first time with a motor, and we are looking forward to it.

These are pics of the boat on the trailer that I’m working on. I built a dolly that has 13 inch pneumatic tires – 2 in the back and a swivel in the front. We will try it too.


Wavewalk S4 and 3-wheel dolly on a trailer




One thought on “Our Wavewalk S4”

  1. Thanks Glenn,

    Both the trailer and dolly look great!

    I’m guessing that this trailer was originally designated to carry your motorbikes. I wonder if it’s big enough to transport both the S4 and the motorbikes…


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