You can’t get seasick in an S4 microskiff

Going in rough seas in an S4 without feeling seasick
Seasickness eliminated

People can feel seasick on board all kinds of boats boats, yachts, cargo ships, and even gigantic cruise ships. Similarly, people can experience motion sickness when traveling in big motor vehicles such as vans, SUVs and buses, as well as when they fly on board planes, big and small.
However, no one driving an S4 microskiff or traveling on board as a passenger can become seasick, even in rough seas.

How is this possible?
The simple explanation is that the feeling of not being in control of our own body while we’re being tossed around is what generates motion sickness. We’ll skip the neurological details, as well as the description of the structure of our inner ear and how it’s related to our sense of balance, and remind the reader that no one riding a motorcycle, an ATV, or a personal watercraft (PWC / jet-ski) experiences motion sickness, even in rough conditions, because all these small vehicles enable their passengers to travel seated in the Riding posture, with a foot on each side of a saddle, and thus enjoy the ability to balance themselves naturally, that is intuitively and effectively, and with a sense of being in control. It is being in control and feeling in control that makes the difference for people who go in these high-performance vehicles.
The Wavewalk S4 is a patented, high-performance watercraft that features a similar type of saddle seat as the above mentioned small-size, high-performance vehicles do. The S4 saddle combined with its deep catamaran, hulls offer the driver and passengers to ride in full comfort and confidence, with the ability to balance themselves intuitively and effectively, in full control of their body, even the chop. As a result, anyone going in an S4 will never experience seasickness while they’re on board.

No back pain kayaking in the Riding posture
S4 passenger paddling while riding the boat’s comfortable saddle seat, with each of his legs in a different hull, and his feet solidly resting on the bottom.

And if you’re asking yourself whether the Riding posture can really be that effective in terms of balancing, watch this slow-motion version of a demo video of the W500, which was a smaller, earlier version of the W700:

Ironically, we tried to shoot a demo video of the same thing performed in an S4, but the visual result was much less impressive, since the S4 hardly budged, because it is so much more stable than the little W500.

How to cure seasickness on board a big boat?
If you’re staying on board your big boat, and a couple passengers happen to feel seasick, just lower your S4 tender into the water, and let these folks get inside and paddle or motorize around – Their seasickness will be gone in no time, and they will feel relieved.
After that, the only problem left for you would be to convince them to get back on board the big boat, but that’s a different story.

S4 boat tender attached on the side of a fishing boat
S4 tender attached to the side of the mother ship
S4 boat tender towed behind the main boat
S4 boat tender towed by a big boat
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