Casting From a Wavewalk Fishing Kayak vs Casting From Common Fishing Kayaks

By Jeff McGovern


In preparation for comparison to the new W500 I have been spending time “relearning the joys” of sit inside and sit on top kayaks.

Besides the obvious back issue already known there is the concern of shoulder pain. I have had some discomfort, but in talking to a few other fellow kayak fishermen they mentioned the pain associated with casting from the awkward L position. I noticed soreness the next day trying to power out long casts from the L position. It was far easier to just get out and wade since in the standing position the casts were braced.

I think in many cases the so called fishing kayaks are really just fishing transport devices, since actually fishing from them is a constant compromise. Many times getting out on a suitable bank or sand bar is far more comfortable. Besides, in many sit on tops the wet butt syndrome leads to other comfort problems down the road…

If we compare a standard cast from the Wavewalk kayak to a cast from a sit on top we see two different things entirely: The sit on top cast is a controlled flail with the hope for distance and accuracy. It is many times followed by a winch from the angler as they deal with the pain. A cast from the W kayak is a powerful controlled launch that accurately places the lure right where it needs to be. It’s quite a difference, and one that can only be experienced – it is difficult to describe.

9 thoughts on “Casting From a Wavewalk Fishing Kayak vs Casting From Common Fishing Kayaks”

  1. Jeff McGovern says:

    I’ll add another concern with the L postion. Thrashing fish and hooks could end up in your lap. Talk about ouch! I know that may sound strange but I’ve seen folks do it and at the very least it is a tangled mess to deal with.

  2. Interesting!
    A SOT is nothing but a paddle board with a backrest and footrests designed to keep you in your place.
    It’s not a vessel, and not even a kayak.
    It exists due to 95% hype and 5% good will…

    The two things that make people still use it for fishing are its low price compared to real boats, and the fact you can cartop it. The price they pay is a mediocre experience, back problems, and other discomfort.
    Sometimes they also have to pay a doctor to fix their back.

  3. A SOT is a bull-yak πŸ˜‰


  4. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    That’s a good one!!!


  5. Jeff, sounds like you’re having a hard time with those SIK and SOT “joys”… πŸ™‚

    I like the “bull-yak” nickname πŸ˜€

    Here’s another one:
    When people complain about yak-back and other pains inflicted on them through paddling and fishing in the L position, kayaking instructors often advise them to exercise, so they can be ‘fit-to-sit’…

    How does FIT 2 SIT sound? πŸ˜€

  6. Fit 2 sit sounds dumb, obviously, but so is the idea that you need to exercise so that paddling your yak and fishing from it won’t hurt you – Duh!
    It’s like saying you need to eat special kinds of food to help you digest certain types of health food that should be good for your body in the first
    It’s absurd as it gets, but some people go for it.

  7. Jeff,

    In the SIT or SOT, you need to raise up your arms, so the butt of the rod does not smack the hull, while casting or reeling.

    It’s even more of a problem if you’re not very tall.

    I used to get awful shoulder pain (to the point of tears) in the traditional yaks, not just from casting in the SIT or SOT, just holding the rod I would get pain, to a point I could no longer cast, let alone fight a fish!

    With The Wave Walk yak, Problem Solved!!

    And that “Fit to Sit” nonsense is for the Birds…..!
    Don’t even get me started.

    The Wave Walk Yaks are for All, Tall, Short, Slim, Chuncky…. πŸ™‚
    One Size Fits All!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Tight Lines, and Squeeze into them Yaks People!! πŸ™‚


  8. I absolutely agree with everything that’s been said here. Shoulder-pain is a real pain, and it can irradiate to the neck and become a pain-in-the-neck literally. The kayak fishing community needs to be aware of this issue, and other problems that many people experience in sinks and sots. With this shoulder pain problem even the F2S [fit-to-sit] proponents are clueless.

  9. I think that the case is made that the “F2S” ideas are senseless when the overwhelming majority of paddlers and fishermen are concerned. Like Marco said (good one Marco!) it’s bull-yak πŸ˜€
    Mike H

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