A higher saddle seat for Wavewalk kayaks

Wavewalk S4 micro skiff beached on the sand

The saddle of a Wavewalk kayak offers maximal balancing capabilities to the users who ride it. Some people, especially tall ones, may prefer to ride a higher saddle, in a posture that gives their legs a more active job.

These people can simply add a few inches to the height of their Wavewalk kayak’s saddle seat.

The above picture shows a motorized S4 with an 8″ high saddle add-on for two passengers. It’s very comfortable, and riding it in choppy water with the motor at full throttle is exhilarating. It’s not less stable than riding in a lower posture.

Some people would prefer adding a soft pillow.

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4 thoughts on “A higher saddle seat for Wavewalk kayaks”

  1. Interesting, Yoav. Is this also available for the W700 and W500?

  2. Gary,

    This is just an idea that would be easy for anyone to implement and test in their own Wavewalk kayak.
    It’s not an actual product that we offer, or plan to offer.


  3. I’m confused. If you don’t offer this saddle height extender, how did these folks get it?

  4. Gary,

    I ordered this section of a saddle last year from our previous roto-molders, and this was the first opportunity we had since then to test it.


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