Dog on Board – Dog Platform

S4 duck hunting boat with surface drive (mud motor) and retriever dog

We sometimes get questions about taking a dog on board Wavewalk kayaks and microskiffs, since people want to take their dog on paddling, camping, photography and fishing trips, while others use a retriever on their hunting trips.

Both the W700 and S4 can take dogs of any size on board, without any problem.

Cartop skiff with two small dogs on board
S4 skiff with two Havanese dogs on board. Photo: Linda Hollabaugh, Texas
dog platform for hunting kayak boat
Platform for hunting dogs on a Wavewalk S4, created by Austin Rykbost, SC
Wavewalk S4 cartop skiff outfitted with a pair of swivel seats, and a dog standing on its front deck
Wavewalk S4 cartop skiff outfitted with a pair of swivel seats, and a dog standing on its front deck
dog platform for wavewalk 700 kayak
Huckleberry sitting on the W700 dog platform made by Brandon Hall
Zena on board a Wavewalk 700 – “Dog platform? What dog platform??”…
Cute dog standing in the cockpit of a Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak
Dog standing inside the cockpit of a Wavewalk S4

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5 thoughts on “Dog on Board – Dog Platform”

  1. Yoav-

    Once again you have posted an article that is both instructive and stunningly candid.

    These pictures may be the best illustrations yet of the capacity and stability of Wavewalks.


  2. Thanks Michael,
    Searching through the website for pictures of dogs, and remembering stories and anecdotes involving dogs was a lot of fun for me.
    The idea to write this article came to me after I had realized (probably a few years too late) that we had some knowledge on this subject that we could share with others 🙂

  3. Dogs are fun, but I wouldn’t take mine on a kayak fishing trip, even in a w500!!

  4. This is a very interesting piece. I had no idea there were so many possibilities for taking a dog on board a w kayak. But it makes sense that different people find different solutions for their dog, because the dogs are different from each other, and people want to do different things with them.

  5. In any case, I think there is a potential for platforms in many applications.

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