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W720 Kayak Skiff

The W720 Kayak Skiff is a microskiff version of the basic W700 catamaran kayak.

W720 Price: $2,200

This price is for factory pickups, and it does not include shipping.
Shipping a W720 costs the same as shipping a W700. Shipping rates »

W720 Color: Gator Green
W720 Features

The W720 Kayak Skiff features the same HDPE catamaran twin-hull and watertight, jet-ski style saddle-seat as the W700 base model, and similarly, it comes outfitted with 4 carry handles located at each of its 4 hull tips.
However, the W720 comes with a built-in support (mount) for a lite-duty mounting plate for outboard motors up to 3 HP, and we ship this mounting plate with every W720, while the W700 ships with no means to attach a motor to it, and it requires purchasing an add-on, lite-duty motor mount for outboard motors up to 3 HP, or making such motor mount yourself.

W720 Weight: 85 lbs including its motor mount

advantages of the W720 kayak skiff

The W720 allows its users to attach an electric motor or a lightweight outboard gas motor up to 3 HP directly to the transom, for use as backup and/or auxiliary propulsion on top of paddling, as well as for trolling and traveling in calm water and mildly choppy water.
This kayak-skiff’s extreme light weight allows for easy car-topping and transportation, as well as easy carrying (portaging) over difficult terrain, sand, rocks, etc.
Users of the W720 can launch and beach it practically anywhere. Unlike other motorized kayaks, driving the W720 kayak-skiff is easy, intuitive, and effective, including launching, starting, changing gears, refueling on the water, driving standing, driving in moving water, and driving with a passenger on board. None of these things works well with other motorized kayaks, where accessing the motor from the cockpit is very hard or even impossible, and stability is poor.

We do not recommend driving the W720 in rough water

The reason – better safe than sorry. If you’re looking for a seaworthy cartop boat, get the S4.

Do not outfit your W720 with a motor that’s over 3 HP

W720 vs S4

The two are comparable, but very different –

  • W720 Advantages: The main advantages of the W720 over the S4 are its lower weight and the fact that it’s easier for one person to paddle. A typical 2.5 HP outboard weighs 30 lbs, and a typical 6 HP motor weighs 60 lbs. This means that when motorized, the 85 lbs W720 weighs 115 lbs, while a 100 lbs S4 outfitted with a 6 HP outboard weighs up to 160 lbs. It’s a noticeable difference, especially if only one user has to carry it.
  • S4 Advantages: The S4 is much faster and much more stable and seaworthy than the W720, and its higher volume and load capacity offer more onboard storage, as well as more room onboard for passengers.
  • In sum, the S4 is a high performance, seaworthy, multi-hull car-top boat that you can drive anywhere and paddle effectively, while the W720 is a stable and comfortable catamaran kayak that you can paddle and drive effectively on calm water.
W700 vs S4
Top: W720, Bottom: S4
Components of the W720 transom motor mount
  1. 3/4″ thick MDO (Medium Density Overlay) saddle bracket that includes a supporting plate for the mounting plate.
  2. 3/4″ thick MDO mounting plate that the user installs by means of two 5/16″ diameter bolts and two screws, and to which the motor is attached.
W700 M saddle bracket and motor mounting plate support
W720 bracket. The two arms at the bottom help prevent the catamaran hulls from splaying, and the plate at the top plate serves as support for the W720 motor mounting plate.
W700 M lite-duty mounting plate for outboard motor
3/4″ thick W720 mounting plate for lightweight outboard motor up to 3 HP.
W700 M kayak skiff rear view with mounting plate for lightweight outboard motor
This photo shows the location of the W720 mounting plate at the rear end of the cockpit, between the two catamaran hulls
Installation Instructions for the W720 Mounting Plate

The plate comes with two 5/16″ carriage bolts, two self-locking nuts, and two 1.5″ screws.

  1. Place the mounting plate as shown in the above picture, with the side that features the screw marks facing outward (i.e. backward).
  2. Use a 5/16 drill bit to drill through the 5/16 holes all the way to the other side of the support plate, inside the cockpit.
  3. Push the carriage bolts in (forcefully), and secure tightly with the self-locking nuts.
  4. Install the two screws sightly in the two marks below the bolts.
  5. You can apply some Goop watertight adhesive over the heads of the bolts and nuts.
  6. Attach your motor to the mounting plate.
  7. Drive carefully, especially in shallow water, where contact with the bottom could damage the propeller, the propeller shaft, and the motor mount.

Do not outfit your W720 with a motor that’s over 3 HP

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