Storage space for duck hunting gear on board the Wavewalk 700

big onboard storage space in W720 kayak skiff

By Chris Henderson

Duck hunting is coming to a close and I only have 2 or 3 trips left. We are hoping for a great hunt this Friday and one more hunting video! But one of the questions I often get is “How much storage space is there in a Wavewalk?” People see the saddle and think that there would not be enough room for your decoys and all the gear that usually accompanies the sport of duck hunting. So I thought I would make this video to show people how we pack our W700 for a duck hunt. On our typical hunts we put all the gear and deeks and one hunter in a W700 and other hunters paddle their own W500s. We usually run 3 dozen decoys. Rather than keep the decoys in their bag and just throw them on top (which is very doable), we prefer to put them inside the hulls where they act as ballast and actually make the boat more stable vs. on top where they exert a stability cost. You have to take them out of the bag when you get to your spot anyway. 3 dozen deeks is all we need/want for where we hunt. A person could get more in if they needed to. Can’t wait to see how the S4 hunts.

6 thoughts on “Storage space for duck hunting gear on board the Wavewalk 700”

  1. Awesome video!

    Thanks Chris – I guess this video is a must-see for any duck hunter.


  2. Thanks. If you want to know what it can haul and how we pack it up this is a great example. We love using the W700 for our hunting boat and can’t wait to see what we can do with S4!

  3. Chris,

    What you’d be able to do with the S4 can be summarized in one word: More.
    In this case, I guess your first priority would be to take a second hunter on board 🙂


  4. Chris- Excellent video. Though I am not a hunter, I trust everyone who sees this gets the idea about the capacity of the W700.

    That the boat only weighs 80 pounds is something anyone “hunting” for a boat to consider!


  5. Wow, packed up and ready to go.

    Thanks for showing just how much hunting gear will fit in the W700.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  6. I noticed that there was even room left on board for carrying back home some real ducks 😀

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