Service and Warranty Policies

Since 2004, we, at Wavewalk, Inc., have done every effort to provide quality products, dependable service, and fast delivery.
Each Wavewalk® product is individually inspected before we ship it to you.
You’re welcome to call us and ask to speak to Yoav, the company’s founder and president, who invented the Wavewalk and designed our products.
You’re also welcome to email us and ask any question related to using our products and outfitting your Wavewalk® kayak or boat- We’re always happy to help, and we’re very interested to hear what you have to tell us.

1. Ordering and Payment

Ordering – To place your order, all you have to do is send us an email or a text message that tells us what boat(s) you are ordering (Model, and Color), and accessories, and to what address you’d like us to ship the order. We also need to know your phone number, so that the carriers could call you and set the delivery appointment. We’ll process your order as soon as we receive it, so we don’t lose time waiting for your payment.
Payment – We accept personal checks, cashier checks, and direct payments (ACH).
Thanks to the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (a federal law from 2004 that allows banks to process checks electronically), processing checks is done within 24 hours of deposit. We prefer this type of payment because it’s efficient and free of charge.
We do not accept payment by credit cards, because if we did, credit card companies would charge us up to 3% in merchant fees on the entire transaction. In such case, we would have to raise our prices accordingly, or charge a differential price. Instead, we’ve chosen to keep our prices lower.
Note: Your bank is likely to charge you a fee for a direct payment. This is one of the reasons why we recommend mailing us a check. If you email or text us your order and include your shipping address and telephone number, we’ll start processing your order immediately, before your check arrives and gets cleared. This is how we save our clients time while keeping our prices lower.

2. Shipping of Paddles and Accessories

We don’t charge extra shipping fees for accessories and paddles shipped together with our kayaks.

Note: We do not ship paddles and accessories separately from our kayaks.

3. Cancellation of Orders Prior to Shipping

All sales are final, but you can cancel your order anytime before we ship your Wavewalk® kayak to you, and get a full refund. We do not charge clients a cancellation fee.

Our clients may not cancel their order after we ship it to them.

Dealers who cancel their orders may be charged a cancellation fee, depending on order size and timing of cancellation.

4. Product Warranty

Our products are carefully inspected before we ship them.
Our warranty covers structural defects, namely ones that can affect the boat’s performance and safety.

All our products are guaranteed for materials and workmanship quality under normal and reasonable usage conditions. Failure to follow our usage limitations and recommendations for a product automatically voids this warranty.

All our shipments are fully insured.

Defects that this warranty covers include material, structural ones, namely defects that can affect the boat’s safety or performance. This warranty does not cover aesthetic blemishes, such as scratches, small dents, color specks, or any other problem that has no effect on performance.

This warranty is limited to a period of time after the purchase of the vessel, during which it is reasonable to assume that the owner would have been able to find material structural defects in it. Complaints are carefully assessed on a per case basis. We advise our clients to consult with us before they modify their Wavewalk, and we’re always happy to help with info and advice.

About Scratches

In case your Wavewalk kayak or boat gets scratched while you use it (and it will get scratched for sure), and you want to get rid of the scratches, you can bring the boat over to our premises, and we’ll take care of smoothing the scratches at no charge.
If you’re unable to bring your Wavewalk to us, we’ll instruct you by phone or by email on the way to take care of the scratches by yourself (see article »).
Note: Scratches occur during normal use and transportation of kayaks and small boats . They are usually meaningless, and they don’t affect performance.
In case you have any question about scratches, you’re welcome to call us or email us pictures of scratches on your Wavewalk, and consult with us.

5. Home Delivery

We’ll ship your kayak to your address by freight truck, and we’ll email you the information you’d need to track the shipment.

The carrier will call you to schedule the delivery with you, so that you can be there when the truck arrives, inspect the box, and sign the delivery receipt.

Curbside Delivery

All our kayak shipments include a “Curbside Delivery” service, and the driver will not deliver the kayak inside your property.


We ship every kayak in a custom, heavy-duty cardboard box. Since this is the most effective means to protect a kayak in transit, it translates to better shipping rates, and it helps us and our clients save on shipments.

Once the truck arrives:

The driver will present to you a Delivery Receipt, and ask you to sign it. Make sure to inspect the box for damage before you sign it.

Note that cardboard boxes can arrive at their destination with some damage to them, and this in itself does not necessarily mean that the kayak inside is damaged in a meaningful way – Note that our warranty does not cover minor “cosmetic” damage such as scratches or dirt, since due to the extremely large size of the boxes, there is no practical way to totally prevent such cosmetic damage from occurring. Our warranty for the shipment covers only material, structural damage, that is perforations to the kayak walls.

In case you find visible damage to the box:

If you see damage to the box, please inspect it further. Look inside the box  and try to find if there is any meaningful, namely material, structural damage to the boat itself. Look for broken walls, namely perforations.

Note that perforations in Polyethylene kayaks and boats can be fixed. If you find material damage to the kayak and you’re not impressed by it, you can decide to keep it, and sign the delivery receipt.

If you’re not willing to accept the delivery, you should not sign the delivery receipt, and you should refuse the shipment. In such case, the driver must take back the kayak or boat.

In the event that you find substantial material damage to the kayak and you refuse the shipment, please contact Wavewalk immediately.

In case the box does not show signs of damage:

If you inspect the box and it does not show signs of damage, sign the delivery receipt and keep a copy for your records.

After you receive the kayak or boat, you must unbox and inspect it within 24 hours. If you find substantial damage to the kayak that you didn’t find during your first inspection, please refer to your copy of the delivery receipt and contact the carrier to schedule a time for them to come and inspect the damage. You must keep the box, and while you wait for the carrier’s inspection, please don’t try to repair or conceal the damage to it. Remember that substantial damage means broken walls, and not scratches or dirt.

Also, in such case, please notify us ASAP.

6. Guaranteed After Sale Service and Support

For as long as you own of a Wavewalk kayak or boat, you are welcome to call or email us, and consult with us about any question that’s related to using, outfitting, registering, fixing, and even reselling it.

Simply, since you’re our client, we care about you and we’re always here for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – We can probably help you, and we’re always happy to talk to our clients.

7. Documents

We’ll mail you signed copies of a Manufacturer’s Certificate Of Origin (MCO) and Original Bill Of Sale (BOS) for your Wavewalk, free of charge. If you lose these documents, we’ll provide you with new copies at no charge.
If needed, we’re available for your local boat registration officers to call or email us and verify the authenticity of the documents that you provided them. We are happy to offer this service at no charge.

8. Product Returns

If the item you receive is defective in materials or workmanship please contact us for a fix, a replacement, or a monetary settlement within 10 days.
Please do not ship any product to us without first getting our approval for doing so – Products shipped back to us without our prior authorization will not be accepted.

Return Instructions

All products must be packed in the original packaging including any parts and accessories.
Wavewalk recommends that you (1) use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all shipments, and (2) insure your package for safe return to Wavewalk.
If you choose not to (1) use a carrier that offers tracking and (2) insure full value of the product, you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the product during transit.


Please contact us by email , or call:  774 315-6009 if you have any question.

You are welcome to communicate directly with Yoav, Wavewalk’s president and founder, who’s also the inventor of the Wavewalk twinhull watercraft, and the designer of the company’s products.

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