Family Fishing Day

kids fishing from Wavewalk S4 boat
By Chris Henderson

Well we got the fleet out for family fishing day.

Yesterday was Family Fishing Day where my church (Wellspring Fellowship) invites families out to fish at Lake Devereaux.. It corresponds with Fish Washington Free weekend. What a great day it was!! Weather was not exactly cooperative (started off good but got much wetter!) but almost all of the kiddos caught fish (struck out on two:( but we will get em next year ) There is something so awesome about taking kids fishing. It helps you see it like it was when you started!! Kids are so full of questions and funny comments, I found myself laughing through the whole day. If you get a chance get kids out fishing.
Ps. Special thanks to all the kiddos (and their parents) who gave me the delight of fishing with their kids.



2 thoughts on “Family Fishing Day”

  1. Thank you Chris,

    Great video, as always!
    It’s nice to see the kids growing, year after year 🙂

    It’s possible to do passenger transfers from one Wavewalk to another with adults, including in choppy water. Just be careful when you do it, and plan ahead every step, literally.


    PS — To our new visitors, Chris’ Northern Tribe Outdoors manufactures and distributes state of the art scented lures that work great. BTW, Chris is one of the few S4 owners who uses it mostly as a kayak (human powered) and not as a boat (motorized). To watch Chris drive his S4 with a Twister surface drive, go here:

  2. Thanks Yoav!
    The kids are the stars and so much fun to fish with. Short trips, lots of action, keep the cooler with the fish where they can look at them and poke them as much as they want, and snacks make all the difference with kids and fishing. Lots of patience and don’t get excited when things go wrong (and they will). Tether the poles you want to keep because kids will inevitably drop one. Get kids fishing! Worth every moment!!

    I love paddling what can I say. It also allows me to very closely monitor my trolling speed which is everything when it comes to catching Kokanee (and trout). I keep it between .8 an 1.2. The variation I think gives me an advantage. I also think the paddling is less disturbing to the fish which also gives me an advantage over the motor guys. I do use an electric on occasion especially on larger lakes where the wind picks up.

    Mostly though I just enjoy the quiet slow motion of a great paddle. 🙂

    Happy Wavewalking..


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