Testing my S4 hunting boat with a dog platform

S4 hunting boat with dog platform SC
By Austin Rykbost

South Carolina

Did a kayaking trip with the most recent version of my front deck bolted on. Works great. The all welded aluminum set up is super light, probably only 15lbs. With the bottom of the deck being shimmed to have multiple points of constant on the S4, it is rock solid and you can walk around and stand on it with no issues, as well as grab the railing to pull the S4 around very easily.

My next step will be to finish building my trailer for the S4. Then putting hydro turf on the front deck, some accessions to include lighting, and then I will work on getting a motor. I’m quite a ways from being done but the current setup is awesome for doing some paddling with gear on the front, and using it for camping. I had roughly 40lbs in that bag as well as a cooler with 6 drinks in it behind the bag, and also my wife as well. I paddled us by myself very easily even with the extra weight. The pontoon design helps a lot. I have found that the weight distribution can be a little tricky to get it tracking properly but once you figure out the best way to distribute the weight is is easily maneuvered by one person!
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One thought on “Testing my S4 hunting boat with a dog platform”

  1. Thank you Austin,

    I’m glad to hear that you and your wife enjoy touring and camping with your S4.

    The dog platform you’ve developed is awesome, especially considering its light weight.
    I can’t wait to see it in action, with your dogs on board,


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