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Authorized S4 Dealers and Demo Agents

Only businesses listed on this page are authorized to demonstrate or resell Wavewalk products.

Since 2004, we’ve been selling our kayaks and boats directly to clients in the US and Canada, and to overseas clients. In some areas we also have dealers who resell our boats locally, and demo agents.

No authorized Wavewalk dealer in your area, or country? – You can easily order from us factory direct just by texting us to (774) 315-6009 or by sending us an email to support@wavewalk.com


Wavewalk New England DealershipWavewalk, Inc.

Riverside, Rhode Island

That’s us, Wavewalk, design and manufacturing of stable multihull kayaks and portable microskiffs.

Product lines: W700 and S4


Will driving his S4

Will D’Amato

Blue Hill, Maine

Will is not a dealer, he’s a regular Wavewalk client who can show you his S4 if you’re serious about ordering one for yourself.


Wavewalk Microskiff and Kayak Dealership in Glendale WI serving Chicago ILStand & Fish LLC
Authorized Wavewalk Dealership in Glendale, WI
Also serving the Chicago area

Products: S4, W700


Captain Larry Jarboe
Key Largo, Florida

Wavewalk’s authorized distributor in south Florida since 2016

Capn’ Larry offers guided tours in Key Largo


Louisiana dealerMike Blouin
Houma, Louisiana
Authorized Wavewalk Dealer


San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

SF bay S4 microskiff

Magnus Chung
Magnus is an S4 owner, not a dealer.
He fishes the bay with his S4, and he can show it to you if you’re seriously considering ordering one for yourself.


Only businesses listed on this page as dealerships are authorized to resell Wavewalk’s products.



S4 microskiff angler, ON, CAPyt Rotary

Toronto, Ontario
Pyt is not a dealer, he’s a client who’s been fishing from various Wavewalk kayaks and boats since 2010. In recent years, he fishes the great lakes and other lakes from his motorized S4.  If you live in his area and you’re seriously considering ordering an S4, Pyt can show you his rigged S4.

Overseas Clients

Clients in Hawaii, Alaska, and overseas countries order directly from us, and let the shipping company of their choice handle shipping for them, from the factory in South Carolina to their home address, or to a nearby freight terminal.
Factory pickup entitles the client to a $700 rebate on the price of their S4.

Please contact us for more info.


Just email us to support@wavewalk.com or call/text 774 315-6009
Let us know what type of boat you’re interested in (S4, W700, or W720), what color, your name, address, and phone number, and if you have any questions.
We’ll reply immediately, and we’ll send your order to production as soon as all the details are clear.

We ship every boat in a custom heavy duty cardboard box, and the carrier will call you to set the date and time for the delivery. Our boats are made in Latta SC, and if you can pick up your order at the factory, you’d save the shipping cost.


We accept all types of checks, including personal checks.
Please make your check payable to Wavewalk Inc and mail it to our address –

Wavewalk Inc
115 Terrace Avenue
Riverside, RI 02915

Regular mail is fine, and there is no need to send us your check by special delivery.

We also accept direct payment (ACH). If this is the method of payment that you prefer, please let us know, and we’ll email you the info that you’d need to perform this transaction.

Only businesses listed on this page as Wavewalk dealers or distributors are authorized to resell our company’s products.


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