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Authorized S4 Dealers and Demo Agents

Only businesses listed on this page are authorized to demonstrate or resell Wavewalk products.

Since 2004, we’ve been selling our kayaks factory direct to clients in the US and in other countries. We also try to improve  distribution in some areas by reselling through local dealers. Our distribution includes factory direct sales, and exclusive local dealerships.
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Wavewalk New England DealershipWavewalk, Inc.

Riverside, Rhode Island

That’s us, Wavewalk, design and manufacturing of stable multihull kayaks and portable microskiffs.

Product lines: W700 and S4


Larry with a fishing bowCaptain Larry Jarboe

Authorized Wavewalk Dealer

S4 demos and sales in Mechanicsville MD for several months during the year



Wavewalk Microskiff and Kayak Dealership in Glendale WI serving Chicago ILStand & Fish LLC
Authorized Wavewalk Dealership in Glendale, WI
Also serving the Chicago area

Products: S4, W700



Wavewalk dealership GAStills Creek Outfitters  Alex Mason

Wavewalk Authorized Dealer, Ludowici, Georgia
Also serving N.E. Florida and South Carolina



Captain Larry Jarboe
Key Largo, Florida

Wavewalk’s distributor in south Florida since 2016

Capn’ Larry offers guided tours in Key Largo



Louisiana dealerMike Blouin
Houma, Louisiana
Authorized Dealer


Only businesses listed on this page as dealerships are authorized to resell Wavewalk’s products.

Interested in becoming a local Wavewalk dealer in your area?

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S4 microskiff angler, ON, CAPyt Rotary

S4 Demo Agent, Toronto, Ontario
Wavewalk client since 2010


As a Demo Agent, Pyt offers to show his rigged Wavewalk S4 to prospecting clients. He neither resell Wavewalk’s products, nor take client orders for them.

Direct Sales to Clients Overseas

Clients in Hawaii and Alaska prefer us to ship their orders to a shipping company’s freight terminal on the US West Coast, and they deal directly with that company.

Clients is other countries can order directly from us, and their international forwarding agent takes care of shipping it to its final destination.

Only businesses listed on this page as Wavewalk dealers or distributors are authorized to resell our company’s products.


Interested in becoming a Wavewalk® distributor in your country, or territory?

Contact us by email »  or call us at 774 315-6009  8:00 AM -8:00 PM EST

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