Factory pickup of car topper boat

Car Topper Boat - Green S4 microskiff car topped on a sedan car
Chris England

South Carolina

I picked up my S4 at the factory. Looks great!

We will be using the S4 as a kayak this summer with oars in Congaree National Park and in lakes in the NC mountains.

We live at the ocean and do some creek / tidal fishing so the engine is important. I read the article about overpowering the kayak, however I intend to carry 2 adults and gear typically (my wife and son or son and daughter) so I wanted to opt for a larger engine and got a deal on a Mercury long shaft (20″) which is the lightest 4 stroke 9.9hp I could find. It weighs just 84lb. I read in the Wavewalk blog that the transom may need to be reinforced to accommodate an engine of this size.  I see adjusting trim and testing the performance is vital.

One thought on “Factory pickup of car topper boat”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    The car and the boat look good together 😀

    Indeed, making your S4 work properly with such a big engine will require from you some work and patience, and I’m always available to you for info and advice, including unsolicited advice 😀


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