Test run 2 of the Twister mud motor with anti-ventilation plate

By Chris Henderson


Put the anti-ventilation plate (AP) on the Twister kit and was able to get one of my sons to go out (also a friend saw us test running and had to stop). I was pleased with the results. It handled well and the plate made a huge difference. I still need to work on some things.

The motor really started clattering. I am not exactly sure why. I added some gas to it from a can I had around and it may have been really old. I will drain all of that out and get some high octane gas and put in it for next time and see if that makes a difference. I may be just too much pressure on the $50 dollar motor that has lived as a pressure washer up until now. I am also going to move the AP so as to make the prop a little less efficient. I think that may make it a little easier on the motor (sacrificing some thrust). I was messing with the trim but not yet satisfied with where I ended up. And as luck would have it it was high tide so no skinny water to be had.

I will do more testing to get it dialed in. I think I have accomplished my goal of proof of concept. Some lights, registration, and a blind to finish and the I will be ready for the season.



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2 thoughts on “Test run 2 of the Twister mud motor with anti-ventilation plate”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Looks great!
    Definitely a success.

    I hope you’ll find a good motor,


  2. You are moving right along in the S4 with that mud motor.

    Hope that motor holds out for you until your find a replacement.

    2 guys, plus motor and that S4 moves smoothly thru the waters.

    Can’t wait to see it all dolled up with the hunting blind. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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