On board my S4 offshore commercial fishing motor kayak

By Travis Lee N. California I’m a commercial fishing kayak, and I fish the ocean off the coast. I rigged my S4 with a motor and a big cooler, and it works for me. Over all very happy. I landed 7 halibut in 2 hours today. I transport my S4 on top of my minivan. … Continue reading “On board my S4 offshore commercial fishing motor kayak”


This page features links to reviews of the S4 microskiff that some S4 owners have contributed. All reviews feature the full names and states of the people who contributed them, as well as pictures that they sent us. We are very grateful to them! More Fishing in Guam  By Terry Wilkison, Guam Unmatched fishing platform … Continue reading “S4 MICROSKIFF REVIEWS”