15 miles round trip, offshore, in my Wavewalk 700 motor kayak

This is the story of my trip across Buzzards Bay, to the Elizabeth Islands, a chain of small islands between Martha’s Vineyard and the mainland. First Leg of The Trip Launching in that rock garden was a piece of cake. To start the motor, I dropped the anchor about 100 yards from shore, turned around … Continue reading “15 miles round trip, offshore, in my Wavewalk 700 motor kayak”

Flats boat or bass boat, or something else?

“My father is retired, and he owns a sixty thousand dollar bass boat that he takes out maybe twice a year, but he fishes out of his Wavewalk 500 nearly every day.” -Clint Harlan, Missouri Different boats with many similarities Bass boats and flats boats have a lot in common, and they also differ from … Continue reading “Flats boat or bass boat, or something else?”

Are Sea Kayaks Seaworthy?

This article examines issues related to the seaworthiness of kayaks in general, including fishing kayaks, and of sea kayaks in particular, and it discusses an alternative approach to sea kayak seaworthiness based on the Wavewalk Kayak concept, and on micronautics – the art and science of designing watercraft that are small and lightweight enough to … Continue reading “Are Sea Kayaks Seaworthy?”