You can’t get seasick in an S4 microskiff

Seasickness eliminated People can feel seasick on board all kinds of boats boats, yachts, cargo ships, and even gigantic cruise ships. Similarly, people can experience motion sickness when traveling in big motor vehicles such as vans, SUVs and buses, as well as when they fly on board planes, big and small. However, no one driving … Continue reading “You can’t get seasick in an S4 microskiff”

SOT kayak stability, or lack thereof

Why do you need a stable kayak? Simply, stability is key to your Safety, Comfort, and Successful Fishing. Without it, you could end up swimming, or worse – drowned, and if you happen to lose balance, you could also lose some precious gear that would slide down from the deck and into the water, never … Continue reading “SOT kayak stability, or lack thereof”

S4 Microskiff

Wavewalk’s Cartop Cat Microskiff The Most Stable, Seaworthy, Versatile and High-Performance Portable Microskiff 1. Wavewalk S4 official YouTube video playlist 2. ABOUT THE S4 The S4 is a catamaran (twin hull), super-stable, high performance, extremely versatile and seaworthy cartop microskiff that’s easy and fun to drive at high speed, both on flat water and in … Continue reading “S4 Microskiff”