Family Fishing Day!

Fishing kayak with 5 anglers on board - Wavewalk S4

By Chris Henderson

There is nothing like the squeal of joy, the excitement of the moment, and memories made when a kid catches their first ever fish. Every year our church does a Family Fishing Day on the Fish Washington Free Day. At this event we go down to little Lake Devereaux and take kayaks, marsh rats and anything that floats and I provide the fishing gear and we get kids on fish. This year was a lot of fun and we had a great turnout. Many were coming back for the 2-3 time. But there were a couple of kids that this was their first fish. A couple of adults too got in on the action. This is the one day I am glad that all those pesky trout are in the lake. lol.
I always hope to start getting people into fishing.  It is such a great family activity.
Take a kid fishing! Take a family fishing!

4 fishing kayaks transported in SUV
Mulitple anglers in a tandem fishing kayak
Five anglers in a Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak
Five anglers fishing out of a Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak
Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak with 5 passengers on board

3 thoughts on “Family Fishing Day!”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    Very exciting and fun stuff!
    I see that your S4 has become the fleet’s flagship 😀


  2. What an awesome video, Chris – enjoyed it very much. Glad to see that all the kids weren’t casting lures at the same time.

  3. Gary,

    If needed, three kids could easily cast lures from an S4, all at the same time.
    This would require the adults to sit in the middle of the cockpit, and the kids to occupy the ends of the cockpit: one kid on one end, and two kids on the other end, each standing in a different hull, or sitting side-saddle facing opposite sides.
    Also, if the two kids occupy the front end of the cockpit, one of them could sit on the casting deck.

    Sometimes life is easy 🙂


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