S4 Microskiff Walkaround Video

accessories on board S4 microskiff

Things you see onboard the S4 microskiff in this video –
  • 6 HP Tohatsu outboard gas motor with a 20″ Long (L) propeller shaft. No other length would do. This motor is outfitted with a 9″ pitch propeller, for maximum speed. 8″ pitch propellers work too.
  • There is a towel on the bottom of each rear hull tip. Spray that enters the cockpit while the boat bumps into big waves finds its way to the rear, and the towels soak it, so the bottom of the hulls stays dry.
  • A paddle is a necessary item onboard any small boat, especially if you go in shallow water, or launch from a beach.
  • 3 gallons of fuel suffice for 12 hours of this 6 HP Tohatsu motor’s operation at full throttle, and much longer at a lower RPM.
  • The U-jointed tiller extension enables the driver to face forward while driving, instead of sideways, and it offers to drive from the middle of the cockpit instead of driving from its rear, which makes the boat more level and faster.
  • This extra tiller extension added to the U-jointed tiller extension allows the driver to sit or stand more forward, closer to the middle of the boat, and thus further improve its trim and speed.
  • Two 5 lbs anchors would keep the S4 in its place in moving water.
  • The rope is for pulling the S4 microskiff in water that’s too shallow for paddling, or on the beach, and for attaching it.

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